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  • Brides' Hairstyles

    I noticed many brides with long hair. Anyone with short hair for her wedding day? Care to share your pictures? I am sourcing for possible short hair styles I believe short hair also has its beauty

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    several of my friends are short hair brides and they look so great. Short hair for a bride is very chic and modern.

    sorry I don't have any pictures to show you. basically, you can just keep to your normal short hair style that you love and with the veil and gown you will look great. over styling for short hair bride is no no. you will end up looking very dated. the beauty of being a short hair bride is being simple, trendy and cool.


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      Re: Short hair Bride

      Originally posted by coyote
      I noticed many brides with long hair. Anyone with short hair for her wedding day? Care to share your pictures? I am sourcing for possible short hair styles I believe short hair also has its beauty
      Hi coyote. I had short AND long hair for my wedding... I wanted 2 DRASTICALLY different hairstyle for my wedding.... so I cut my hair in between my church ceremony & banquet... Heehee...

      For short hair, to make it even more fun & drama, I "camouflaged" the length for the banquet first march in, and had it sprayed PURPLE for the second march in... You can do LOTS of stuff for short hair! Try it!! Hahaha! I DEFINITELY had no regrets!


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        Oh AngelBB, that sounds bold! Photo photo photo please!


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          Heehee... photos are at

          Got 4albums there... morning, church & tea ceremony albums with long hair. dinner with short hair. but was camouflaged for first march in... my guests, especially my gal frens were SHOCKED! Hahaha! But it was really exciting though... added plus in to the excitement I felt that nite!


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            Thanks AngelBB, saw the dinner ablum. What a brillant way to camouflaged your short hair with your veil?! Looking at your album gave me a feel that you and your SO having great fun that day. So happy for you!


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              AngelBB, you look great with both long and short hair! Thanks for sharing your big day pics with us!

              I'm thinking about keeping my hair long for my wedding next year, but I really hate the feel of hair touching my shoulders! Your photos give me inspiration for short hair bride!!

              Coyote, when is your wedding?


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                Mine will be Jan 05 and I just snipped off my long hair :roll:


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                  Hi miumiu & coyote... Thanks for the compliments! I'm sure you too will look RAVISHING on your big days too!

                  Why not also consider a wig, just for fun? Hahaha... I did went to try some out and they looked awesome! Was considering them, but den I decided to have my real hair for money and hide my short hair at nite... Have fun, no matter what you choose to do! Cos no matter you long hair or short hair, your guests will love you cos they came to celebrate your joy! When your laughter and happiness shows up in your pict, your hair dun really matter that much ****...

                  For me... I promised myself I was gonna be a MUHAHAHA bride... Heehee!


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                    Brides Hairstyles

                    I have a problem with this because I think I really dont know what I want and the MA doesnt seems to make me look younger. Her hairstyles were kinda 'old'

                    Do you girls normally just 'bun' up your hair on the actual day?
                    I have long hair and I wanted to let it down. However, I cant seem to find some styles which are nice and elegant.

                    Share your experience or give some ideas!


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                      Not an expert in this field and also i have yet to go through the ceremony. Here's my take on this issue...

                      Web links:

                      The Knot -Wedding Hairstyle Gallery

                      Wedding Hairstyles

                      Browse those from local magazines or books from large bookstore. Take into consideration the shape of your face, style of your wedding gown, hair texture and so on. Or ask from your stylist, I'm sure he or she can give you some suggestions.

                      Personally, I like hair that is tie up and attached with crystals or a large white lily flower, it makes one looks elegant.

                      Hope that helps.
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                        thanks dol, for the links.

                        Btw, anyone has any idea where to buy those 'spider webs' kinda hair accessory? (that is if you know what I mean)


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                          Those from SinMa @ Bugis or Chinatown.


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                            Dear nymphette

                            you referring to those hair net right? I saw it at Chameleon @ hougang mall some weeks ago.. some are plain some has flower patterns on it..

                            you can check out sinma as suggested by the other cotter.
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                              hi girls,

                              Nope.. Its not hair net. I cant find the picture online, hence I cant show it to you. But you can see it on the wedding albums often.
                              Nevertheless, thank you girls for your help.