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  • Juicer - Juice Extractor

    am using this at home
    work wonders for me
    i dont drink juices outside so this is good for me
    how much is it in sg?

    i bought mine 1 year ago at 175AUD
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    This machine is great piece!

    It is an inspiration to make and drink fresh juice everyday! I tested the juicer and I was excited hearing the power running that I forgot to put a cup when the juice is pouring out and WALA Apple Fountain came pouring! Btw I tested the whole green apple and it's just great! Came out of CK Tang, saw Juice & Java also using this!

    From the picture shown, the juice is clear in color, this is not the same type as those normal fruit juice we got from 'food court, hawker'?
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      let me clarify
      the extracted juice is still similar to the ones in food court but i would say it is less cloudy...

      i use mine quite alot
      but actually i cant drink that much juice in one go
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        How easy/troublesome is it to clean the filter of this cool machine? I know alot of juice extractors have filters that takes 5 min to clean.


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          i put it in my dishwasher


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            Bought a book about smoothies and ice blended drinks. Like to try the drinks out but do not know which type of blender to buy. Pls advice, thanks.


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              which fruit extractor is userfriendly?

              Hi all,

              I would like to purchase one of these fruit juice extractor. Realised that alot of them is quite troublesome to use. Especially when comes to washing them...( laziness at work.)
              Which type/brand do you find is easier to use?



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                this looks good. just need to throw the whole apple in right? good for lazy people like me.


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                  Reviving this thread.

                  Any other recommendations for a good juicer? Must be able to separate pulp & juice and easy to wash too.

                  Thought of doing a juice fast next weekend, taking advantage of the extended weekend with National Day.

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                    Hi viv! I just saw this Breville juicer at my brother-in-law's place and he's all praise for it too! He threw in a few whole green apples and the juice is exactly like the pic above

                    Heard it's about S$180 at CK Tang


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                      i don't use juicer, too lazy to clean them after each use or taking them in and out of storage. If I just sit them on the kitchen bench, it'll probably look like another big monster occupying my kitchen bench along side the rice cooker, toaster. microwave oven and what not...

                      Anyway, I've seen the commercial of Jack LaLane Juicer... looks impressive (I guess all ads are convincing as always). Suppose to be commercial equivalent.



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                        i bought a juicer some time back but every time the juice will have a "machine" smell, is there any way i can get rid of that smell?


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                          Did anyone watch yesterday's NRWZD? One of them used the juicer/blender for soft fruits like banana, kiwi, grapes. Looks like the best juicer i've seen as it's so small and most importantly, easy to wash. Any idea where to get it?


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                            haven't watched that episode yet.
                            but would like to share about a blender-cum-juicer i recently bought from OG Albert.

                            the brand is u-like (i like!)
                            i googled for reviews and apparently a lot of mothers are using it to blend food for their weaning kids.

                            i've used it quite a number of times already. i use it for blending strawberries/kiwis with ice and milk (for smoothie) while my HTB uses it to mince up garlic and what nots. pretty easy to use and the most impt part.. is it's easy to clean coz i'm super duper lazy.

                            u may also find the following link helpful.



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                              Is the juicer shown by TS the Power Juicer by Jack-something (a former athlete/ health buff)??

                              I remember watching TV Innovation many years ago where they were introduing the Power Juicer. They threw in whole chunks of apples and oranges, etc and the juice was extracted without any wastage. The pulp was totally squeezed dried! Amazing stuff.

                              I've been trying to look for it but can't find it anymore at Tangs or Taka.