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After wedding - wedding/evening gown

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  • After wedding - wedding/evening gown

    I really don't know what to do with them.
    In the first place, my WG was MTM for loan only, but the designer decided to give it to me after my wedding.

    However, being a very unromantic person, I have no wish to keep the gown at all (but I couldn't say no to such a kind geture).

    Now I have 2 gowns in my cupboard which I really want to sell away but can't seem to find a buyer.
    (I tried Yahoo auctions but no avail)

    What do you ladies do (or intend to do) with your gowns?

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    hi autumnheart

    do you know anyone (close to you) that would want to wear it?

    after i got married, my sister had my wedding gown altered (and changed the top a little), and used it when she got married (only around 3 months after my wedding). hehe.

    it was her and her husband's second wedding/marriage, so she didn't have a big reception or anything... only family was there, so it wasn't embarassing that we wore the same dress or anything like that.

    in pictures, i don't think that anyone even noticed that it was the same dress.

    it saved her a lot of money and i think it's kind of special that we wore the same dress. hee hee


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      Maybe you can try altering them (eg. Trim the length or add some colours), and turn them into casual or semi formal dress, which u can wear again during important functions or even parties~

      that's unless you are not padang, as to believe that wearing your wedding gown again is unlucky !


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        I've seen your gowns, they're not suitable for alteration to shorter pieces- would be quite a waste. Also, wedding gown materials tend to be more dressy organza, satin, lace... hard to adapt for normal wear (even if for evening functions).

        Your best bet would be to preserve it (dryclean, fold with acid-free paper, keep in acid-free cardboard box, NOT in plastic zip-up, NOT in plastic bag). Then put in storeroom- so it wouldn't clutter your wardrobe space. Or really, price it so very low someone would buy- from what I observe, no one pays much for a 2nd-hand gown because they'd either want 1st-hand OTR, or want MTM. The usual reasons they go for 2nd-hand auctions is for price and convenience (unless you're talking about some exceptional vintage pieces on Ebay).

        I only kept my cocktail dress, even then, way too dressy to ever wear again. But I'm sentimental I liked having the material/ dress, something more physically tangible as momento (then again, I also kept leftover pieces of lace and tulle from my wedding gown and evening gown respectively and scrapbooked into my album).


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          Great thread! How much is low enough to price a WG?

          Mel, you look absolutely positively stunningly beautiful.. speechless I am


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            Thanks Glossie, I look better in pic than in person...
            I would feel heartpangs if priced too low, I'm the sort who would rather store it.
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              Hi Autumnheart,

              For evening gown, I keep mine and will cut the train off so I can use it again for family member's wedding (my cousin is getting married next year) or other occassion that requires formal dress.

              Maybe you can donate your wedding gown to church or other communities? I heard that some people donated their wedding gowns to church to help others who want to get married but can't afford to get nice gowns. Just an idea


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                If yahoo doesn't work, maybe you can try Ebay!