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  • Birthing ball?

    Hi ladies, have any of you used a birthing ball during pregnancy, delivery and/or post pregnancy?

    I'm getting a gym ball soon (about 65cm in diameter) to help me relieve my back ache (am 34 weeks in now) and wonder if my hospital will let me use it during my delivery (the long hours of contractions). I've read about it on the internet and it seems pretty effective for posturing and relieving back ache.

    Apparently after delivery, can even sit on the ball to rock the baby.

    Anyway, it doesn't seem like a common practise here and I wonder if any of you ladies have used it. Would like to hear your experiences on it.

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    from my understanding, if you wanna use a birthing ball, you should consult your gynae (for his view) and also make sure you know how to use it (you wouldn't want to hurt yourself).

    are you having a doula to assist you in having a drug free labour? you should call up the hospital to find out (to avoid last minute disappointment if they refuse to let you use the birthing ball (for whatever reason).

    since you are intending to do something slightly different, it may help to write a simple birth plan and let your gynae endorse on it.

    just my view, hope it is helpful in some way


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      Can someone post a picture of how the birthing ball looks like? curious.. curious.. :roll:


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        Nope, I'm not getting a doula. I did some research on the internet and I'm most probably going to use the leaning positions (i.e. kneel over and lean on the ball) since the sitting position may be quite precarious when I'm so clumsy these days.

        Yeah, I'll need to check with my gynae if the hospital allows me to bring the ball in for delivery. Might give the nurse a shock to see it for the first time. If they won't let me use it, then I guess I'll just use it at home to ease my back pain. And if that doesn't work, well, I'll pass it to my hubby and ask him to do some gym exercises on it

        Oh, for some pictures of it, go to the following website. However, a normal gym ball will suffice.


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          Hi mogmick, where are you going to give birth? Some hospital have a jacuzzi to ease the pain of labour (not sure if helpful for backache). If you are not against water, you may want to consider it. I know mount alvernia has a new jacuzzi, not so sure about the rest.


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            Hiya naughtygirl (should be naughtymom by now? ),

            I'll be delivering at Gleneagles. I'll need to check with my gynae and probably take one of the tours to the maternity ward VERY SOON


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              hey mogmick, read in another thread your baby will be due in another one month plus. thats pretty soon and exciting

              touring the labour ward is indeed helpful. somehow its pretty calming to see for ourselves how the labour room looks like. being mentally prepared helps alot.


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                I got my gym ball few days ago and I must say, it's really fun using it!

                I tried sitting on it and rotating my pelvis in circles as well as back and forth. It does feel quite comfortable.

                I also tried kneeling and hugging the ball. Apparently this is a a good position to get the baby in the optimal foetal position


                Kneeling like a cat will also help but it gets quite tiring after a while.

                Anyway, my husband is messing about with the ball too and I keep scolding him to stop bouncing and rolling the huge thing around the house.....otherwise it may just roll over the cat!


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                  mogmick dearie, u r pregnant too!?? We have got so many mommy to be here now The last time i met u, u wasnt pregnant yet right? :huh:


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                    Hey jemay,

                    Haha, last time we met was soooo loooong ago! I'm due next month already Anyway, I'm not getting younger la, so it's about time to start on my first one