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  • Preparation for new born

    hi i m Summer new here and a first time mum-to-be
    i m in my 26 week **** but still have not get anything for my baby hee hee cos dunno need to prepare what
    hope to get some help from here
    Can anyone give me a list what need to prepare, thank you so much

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    Are you from sgbrides?


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        What we all need is subjective, one good way to access what you might want to get is to go to Robinsons and walk around- they have pretty much most of the baby things. Bring along a notepad and pen to record. There are also many threads here that provides a good insight to the various brands available, etc. Speaking from experience, its best to finish buying most of the things when you're still in your second tri, cause when third trimester comes, you'll be too tired to shop properly.
        Have fun!


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          my fren told me so too, but i kind for like forget the time until today den i realize i left only 90 days to do the shopping....
          and i m confuss of what to buy as there is too many sugguestion from frens in bit n piece
          so hoping someone here can come up with a list of need ( basic one) i will be very grateful


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            You only need 1-2 day to go to robinsons to walk around and make a list, and 1-2 more days to do the shopping. 90 days more than enough I think?

            Off the top of my head:

            car seat
            baby clothes
            bath/grooming items
            breast pump

            Try browsing thru the 'what did you buy today?' thread for more ideas. Hope this helps!

            BTW, when is your EDD? Expecting boy or girl? Working or planning to be a SAHM (stay at home mum)?


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              Hi, congrats! If you want to have a comprehensive list maybe you should head down takashimaya's baby department and collect a list from them (yes specially prepared by them for new parents and its free).

              What you need and what you deem as a good product really differs from person to person. As you mentioned, you are already confused by suggestions from friends, more advises might not be that helpful. What you probably really need to do, is go get that basic list from taka, do your own research and draw your own conclusions as to what you need and how much you want to spend.

              Hope you will discover the joy of shopping for baby and happy with your every buy!


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                Congrats SummerDay :preggie: !

                Here is the list that I was given at my baby care class. But of course make your own judgement about what you need and what you don't need. As long as you have all the basic necessities ready, the rest of the stuff you can always buy later if you need them.

                Here goes....

                Baby Clothes
                Short-sleeved/ sleeveless tops
                Long-sleeved tops
                Baby suits - with and witout legs
                Pants - long and short
                Booties/ Socks
                Receiving Blanket
                Bonnet/ Sunhat

                Breastfeeding Supplies
                Nursing Bras
                Nursing Clothes (optional)
                Breast Pump (optional)
                Breasts Pads
                Breastfeeding Pillows (optional)

                Formula Feeding Needs
                Baby bottles - for both water and milk feed
                Teats - silicone/ rubber
                Bottle-feeding utensils - Tongs, teat brush, bottle brush.
                Sterilization Set

                Diapering Needs & Sundries
                Cloth Diapers
                Nappy Liner
                Nappy Pins
                Plastic/ Protective Panties (to be placed over cloth diapers)
                Diaper Bucket (if you're using cloth diapers)
                Diaper Wrapper Bin
                Disposable Diapers
                Baby Wipes
                Changing Mat
                Diaper Bag

                Essential Equipment
                Pram/ Stroller/ Baby Sling
                Car Seat
                Changing Table

                Baby's Bedding Needs
                Bumper Pads
                Waterproof Sheets
                Crib & Cot Sheets
                Baby Monitor/ Alarm

                Baby's Bathing Needs
                Baby Bathtub
                Small Bowl - for washing eyes and face
                Wash Cloth/ Sponge - to wash baby's body
                Liquid Soap
                Baby Oil
                Baby Lotion
                Nappy Rash Cream
                Baby Nail Scissors

                Optional Extras
                Bouncing Chair
                Baby Walker
                Safety Gates

                That's it! Phew! lol. Hope this helps!


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                  momopeach, I've been trying to look for a portable changing mat to bring out (something I can roll up so that it becomes compact) when I bring my baby out- any idea where to get this? Plain ones are fine, if there're pretty ones, all the better!


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                    Thank thank !!!
                    Really am grateful for all your kindness help

                    EDD is 23th October 2004 hee hee it a Boy acutal i prefer to have a girl first becos my family history has no girl so hope to be the first to broke this record but my hubby say history is hard to change
                    Will continue to work after birth, worry will be to bore staying at home n loss contact to the society, most important i hate to do house work, so if i go working den when i come home i need to take care of the baby den i can push all the house chores to my hubby hahaha

                    90 days may not seem short but i kind of like a slow montion animal i do thing slow, decide making *** slow .... so i will need more time to plan everything, i do not have load of time to do shopping too my hubby work seven days a week ( get one or two sunday off sometime ) and we have a fur baby that we dun leave her alone at home so if we are going some places that is pet not allow den we still have to find a baby sitter for her
                    hee hee and i m a bit lazy too

                    Will be getting a breast pump cos intend to keep breast feeding after going back to work. Sufer the net for two day n found that "Ameda" seem to be as good as " Medela" and it cost less, what do you think ?
                    but Singapore not many has it, think of buying from oversea through the net is it ok ? :huh:


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                      Hee hee if that is spelling mistake pardon me ok

                      Ooh ya forget to ask Are you all first time mum ?

                      if really have Robinson sales i like to know too ....


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                        summerday, Yeah, I'm also a first time mum, having a girl, very excited!

                        I'm also not a very housework person so I have a part time cleaner coming in weekly to do the chores- this will help greatly esp after baby's born since I'm planning to be a fulltime mum. If you plan to BF even after going back to work, then you'll want to consider investing in a good electrical pump. For me, I want to feed direct as much as possible, so I got a manual pump from Avent.


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                          Originally posted by mango
                          momopeach, I've been trying to look for a portable changing mat to bring out (something I can roll up so that it becomes compact) when I bring my baby out- any idea where to get this? Plain ones are fine, if there're pretty ones, all the better!
                          Mango, I did a search for changing mat, and found:


                          All these while, I've been using those baby waterproof sheet though. They work just as well, and easy to bring out cos they are really small when folded. HTH!


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                            Thanks dear! BTW, what are baby waterproof sheets? How do they look like and where to get?


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                              hee hee so i m not the only one scare to do house chores

                              ya that why looking around for good n cheap breast pump but the one that sold in Robinson is very expensive S$699.00 saw in the net it cheaper but i have never buy anything through the net before so dunno is it safe :huh:

                              hey, how your part-time cleaner changes think of getting one ***.
                              feeling more n more lazy to do house chores now :roll: is it good ? do i have to stay at home when she is doing? can i just leave the key to her so i can be out when she come?