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  • Locations for large group meal

    hey girls!

    we always end up eating at marche when we have a big group. are there any other places you know of that would cater to a big group of about 10 or more?

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    Actually many places do, you just have to reserve in advance.


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      Check out Vil'age at China Square Central. Its located near Far East Square (not the China Square food court though) and the concept and price are similar to Marche(with yummier food IMHO !). Payment method is the same as Marche, card-system, so there's no fuss when it comes to settling the bill.

      You can call 6327 3833 for enquiries.

      Breeks at Marina Square is a pretty good choice too. Great food, lively ambience. They are pretty tolerant towards big groups.



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        Settlers Cafe

        How about this place? Saw it in Cleo (June)

        Settlers Cafe >> where you can have gatherings, play interactive board games with your friends and spend a whole afternoon together...


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          I think Fish & Co does, I always see groups of JC students coming out from the glass house outlet beside Park Mall.

          Hard Rock Cafe, too. And its fun cos they have live bands performing, and pool tables on the 2nd floor.


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            I need your help!

            hey babes..I need your help!

            I need to organise and source for a restaurant/cafe/food place where I can sit 30 people, with each paying 20SGD max. There was no preference stated, but I think a place where we could eat relatively nice food, and also occupy our seats for long would be fine.. especially since they *might* want to have some table games.. oh and the age range for the people is 19-23.

            So yes, i need ideas for good restaurants/food places! And preferably in the east area that is easily accessible, or in town area. And i also need ideas for table games!!

            I was thinking of Prego's one-for-one dinner promotion, but I suspect that it would end as soon as the great singapore sale ends....and the dinner is on 1st August.

            So any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


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              Marche's a good place for having big crowds.

              Otherwise, outings are also conducted at hawker centers.

              Can try Big-O cafe coz it doesn't seem too busy, but will be challenging for them to cough up table for 30..


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                Marche is fine. but i think i'm more 'disturbed' when u mentioned playing table games. my impression is that when someone is having fine foods, most probably its in restaurant and its a nice dining area. by having a table games, the group might become too engrossed and disturbed the others. sorry, just my opinion. so i guess, going to some open concept dining places (hawkers centers etc) is a good choice too at night


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                  There's this restaurant, Vil'age, located at China Square Central (where the Derma-Rx clinic is) which may be suitable for you. It has a Marche-dining concept with similar food and prices. Relatively quiet, since its located in the CBD area (avoid weekday lunch-time though). The place is huge and they are very tolerant to crowds.

                  You can call them at 6327 3833 to check. Hope this helps!


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                    since you mentioned east area, i thought of the resturants @ siglap. do check them out & i'm sure if you make arrangements beforehand, they would be glad to accomadate you

                    pasta fresca (sp?) sounds like a good choice especially since they have some tables both inside & outside. maybe you'd like to make a trip down or call them first? hth!


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                      how restaurants at east coast beach? there are plenty there. perhaps pepperoni pizzeria. it's part of the Les Amis group of restaurants but very affordable and by sharing the pizzas, you can divide the costs as well. it's located next to coffee bean. it's relatively quiet on weekday nights. there's indoor and outdoor dining. the desserts are yummy. my bf loves the tiramisu. they have gelato as well. and if you guys want to play games, maybe can head to the beach for some fun.

                      also, the service is pretty top notch. they are very accomodating. the last time i was there, we had mussels and i asked if it came with bread. it didn't but they gave us a basket of garlic bread for free just becasue they're so nice.


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                        Thanks everyone!!

                        I think East coast is a nice place, and so is Siglap...with many good restaurants...but because my church is in Pasir Ris, and most of us would be coming down from church...transport to those areas will be opposed to orchard where we could simply take a train down..

                        I was thinking of Fish n Co at perhaps...Tampines Mall or The Glass House... what do u all think? I remember them playing some 'games' for birthday boys n girls...and was wondering if I could get the staff to help us organise some games or something. What do u think?


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                          oh! for dinner right? how about fisherman village? go early & get seats though


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                            Whats does fishermen village sell? Is it the open air food place? Im just worried its too small....


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                              Originally posted by Pixash
                              I was thinking of Fish n Co at perhaps...Tampines Mall or The Glass House... what do u all think? I remember them playing some 'games' for birthday boys n girls...and was wondering if I could get the staff to help us organise some games or something. What do u think?
                              Heh, we always celebrate church ppls' birthdays at Fish&Co Glasshouse. Just had 1 last weekend there. Again. Ha!

                              They can accomodate pretty big groups and if yours is about 30+, you could ask if they can open up the 2nd floor for your group. Usually, the 2nd floor is closed on weekdays and Sundays though. But try calling up to ask.
                              They are pretty insistent that they don't take reservations for Friday and Saturday nights though.