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  • Wedding / ROM Makeup & Hairstyle

    for rom, do you do your own makeup and hairdo?
    Any stylist and/or makeup artist to recommend? I dont have a regular stylist that i go to.. having another big headache on my list.

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    I engaged a lady to come to my hse to makeup and style my hair. The charges is $80 NETT. Find her makeup alright not wayang. LMK if you want her contact then I ask my gal friend for her information.


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      hi smabbit

      yes! can i have her contact details. btw any photos that you can show me?



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        tiemmie, I hope this is still not too late. My PS MUA artist is Melvin Tan, from IsIs Salon (Raffles Arcade). Of course, I am going to get him as my ROM MUA as well. He is friendly and helpful. He is the MUA for Her World Brides Magazine, for the section of makeover for the brides-to-be. His MU is very natural and simple. You can have a look at Her World Brides.

        His charge is S$300 for PS, S$300 for ROM (if you request him to go to your house) or S$150 for ROM (if you go to Salon before ROM). I am going to take up the S$150 package as the salon is very near to ROM. I saw his MU in my bf's friend's wedding dinner. It is and the brides said that the MU is good because she doesn't need often touch-up.

        Hope this may help.


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          Hi all thanks for all the info!

          tentatively i've got a MU + hairstyle from this lady Sandy Ho. I'm not going for the trial mkeup.. abit tedious.. but heard from smabbit she does natural makeup and have pretty good comments from several others as well.. so i'm going to give her a try!

          since my customary is going to be some time away (which i dunno when it will be), the other contacts I shall keep in mind! Shall check them out


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            Shon, I am looking around for a makeup + hairstyling artist for my upcoming ROM in DEC too. I enquired about Sunny Kor from Isis as well...he quoted me $300 which includes a trial. Are Melvin and Sunny both as friendly and helpful? I still can't decide which to choose as I have not worked with either before....


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              Hi, Coral. I am not sure about Sunny Kor, but I know he is the director of the salon. I think his charges is slightly higher than Melvin. But I did see Sunny's hair-do in the magazines, I can say Sunny does more hair-do in the magazine. Whereas, Melvin is on the Makeup side. Personally, brownsing thru Her World Brides - I found that Sunny seems more expert on the hair-do, Melvin more on Makeup. I am not sure I am correct.....

              I know Melvin is friendly, I think Sunny also friendly.... I had the same problem when deciding which one to go for. Then, I chose Melvin at the end because Ted Collection recommends him to me. Also, i saw his Makeup personally. I think it is good and cheaper.

              P/S: I am fussy on the Makeup rather than hair-do. This is part of the reason that I won't go wrong if I choose Melvin. Just my 2 cents worth.
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                Thanks Shon for your informative reply

                I shall look at this issue Her World Bridal magazine again before I make my decision..haha. Problem is I don't even have the slightest idea how I want my hair n makeup to be done for my ROM All I know I don't want to end up with wayang makeup


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                  Welcome, Coral.

                  Yes, you should have a look at HerWorld Brides and decide later. I think you won't have a Wayang Makeup if you go for either Sunny or Melvin. Just that which one do you prefer more. Are you willling to pay more? If you are, then you can consider Sunny as he is the director of the salon. If not, you can go to Salon and talk to them. Maybe you can request to see some photos of the customers/models and decide.


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                    Thanks Shon

                    BTW did you opt for a trial MU +hairstyling with Melvin?


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                      Good question, Coral. Initially, I thought of trying out as bf said it is safer to see the MU before the PS. In case, anything not satisfy still can be changed.

                      Then, when I met Melvin in the salon, he kindly advised me not to waste the money (although his trial MU is S$50 without hair-do). :roll: Then, I asked why. He said that it is not necessary for me as he said he won't change me to the other person after the MU. Funny.... He asked not to worry, just place the deposit S$150 1st (for my PS, ROM one not yet). He will go to my tailor shop in my 3rd fitting and discuss MU + hair-do.

                      He didn't give any receipt after that. Then, bf showed :huh: to me: how come no receipt? But Melvin asked me to give him my contact no. and made a record on his schedule. Anyway, I trust him as my designers know him well. Anything goes wrong, i will ask them for help.

                      So, my suggestion is if you think the trial is very necessery, then go for it. If not, ask Melvin's or Sunny's advices. I think they are professional enough to answer the question.
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                        [size=1]Originally posted by Shon
                        He is the MUA for Her World Brides Magazine, for the section of makeover for the brides-to-be.
                        This MUA I know charges $250 (hairdo and makeup) includes free makup trial, free housecall etc. Makeup trial $80 excludes hairdo. so you pay for trial and if you take the package, pay the remaining amount. I saw few of her makeover pics and they were all very nice and natural! Moreover, she do makeover for Her World/magazines & celebrities (which are mostly particular abt their makeover) etc. She needs appointment as she's quite tight in schedule.


                        I asked my bro's gf to help me with the makeup though as it clashes with the MUA's schedule. I didnt do my hair because I went for highlight and haircut on the day before. (sounds scary because I never try that hairstylist and never highlight before!). I think if you are doing it on a small scale, budget and its in the noon time, perhaps you can do yr own makeup?

                        Most importantly, get a good photographer. My photos all turn out to be UGLY with red eyes etc. My SO's bro and friend are bad photographer and I was scolding him on why was he talking instead of checking on his camera's setting etc? So remember this important issue. If you paid so much for makeover etc ($300?!?!), get a good photographer.
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                          Vinlongo, may I know which MUA do you referred in the post? Melvin or Jancy?

                          The one I mentioned is Melvin.... :roll: Sorry, I am a bit confused now.


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                            hihi shon...I was browsing through this month's Her World Brides & Style, saw Sunny's works being featured. I do agree with you he is more on the hairdo side than the makeup

                            Shon...I think the makeup artist that Vinlongo mentioned is Jancy


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                              Coral, so have u decided which one to go for? Melvin or Sunny???