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  • Hipseat

    hi mummies....

    just wanted to rec this marvellous contraption i'm using i think its retailing at motherswork for $115. fantastic invention, totally takes the pressure off the back.

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    eerm, doesn't look too safe to me. There's nothing to wrap the baby's body and it looks like you need to hold your arms around the baby all the time. So it's not a handsfree carrier then?


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      nope its not handsfree but personally i like it cos i enables me to keep carrying my 10-month old daughter over extended periods of time. i don't like to push her in a stroller when i'm shopping cos she's too low and i can't bond/chat with her, with the hipseat i can.


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        Hey Moo, are you still using this hipseat? Is it still very comfortable for you?

        I saw a lady using it the other day in Cold Storage and her boy is at least 18 months old. She looked very comfortable carrying him and could even do her marketing with the other arm.


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          ya i saw this at mothercare and also saw one mom use it for her 15 month daughter...i can't figure out how such a contraption can help as it does not seem to provide much support and security!

          guess i must try to know...or can someone explain more?


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            i found this on the internet


            i think what it does is that instead of jutting out your hip to the side (hence curving the spine) to let the kid sit your hip, the hipseat is like an extension at hip level which allows the kid to sit on the seat.

            but not hands free, and i think baby must be older than 6 mths...


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              hee... I don't think this is something for mums who wants complete comfort but personally I quite like this product cos its allow a mum to keep her child close to her and gives the mum some support.

              Even when I bring baby out in a stroller, I still sling her during our outing from time to time, cos I miss her or want to let her enjoy some comfort of being close to me.

              I saw a japanese lady use it before too and she seems happy


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                I wouldnt get this cause its not really that convenient (compared to a sling that allows u to be handsfree), plus it looks really bulky. These days when I'm out with my baby I carry a big bag on my shoulders AND I have a big bag tucked under my pram, so there's no way and space for this hipseat


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                  I feel that this is better for bigger babies for those who walk and still wants to be carried, babies too big for the slinging because a minute he wants to come down and the other minute he wishes to be carried too troublesome to sling in this case.


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                    I do agree with ashlee. This seems like a good product for a child maybe 15 months and above. Cos sometimes they may be fussy during outing, doesn't want to be in a stroller, doesn't want to walk on their own and the mum can use this to support the child when carrying he/she to make her work easier.


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                      hi ladies, sorry i've been away.

                      definitely the hipseat cannot compare to a sling but since my hubby is so anti-sling, this seems to be the next best option. before my pregnancy i used my hipseat so much more than my stroller, the stroller went into cold storage.

                      i can't use it now that i'm 6 mths pregnant but am missing it so much esp when i've to carry my daughter. i could carry her for forever and she's at eye level with me, so chatting and bonding is great.

                      the only catch is that its not hands-free and its not practical to bring both the hipseat and the stroller out...too many things to juggle.


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                        I'm sooooo lemming for this hipseat now!!

                        Although I've been slinging baby, recently I've been hip carrying her for short periods quite frequently and realize it's really tiring for the hands which is supporting her butt. I saw this few days ago in Infantasy and tried it and whooooo, it felt really comfortable! This would REALLY complement my sling(s) sooo well.

                        Big gripe I have is the price. $110 for a new one is waaay too high for me for such a simple contraption. Even the 2nd hand one in Infantasy was $89 (although it looked pretty new to me). So I held off


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                          i know what you mean mogmick, its super comfortable but very very ex! i bit the bullet and bought it but no regrets.


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                            whoopee, I just got this from Infantasy for $70 and I tried it today for a short while, just took my girl for a short walk.

                            It's pretty comfy given the thick belt, but it kinda dug a bit into my lower ribcage. But generally comfortable. I have lots of lovely slings but I think this one is good if I just wanna carry her for a short while and feel too lazy to wear the sling and put her into it.

                            Good buy I feel , but still just a supplement (and not a replacement) for my trusty slings


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                              been thinking about my next step after slinging too. my right arm is about to cramp up after 5 minutes of carrying, slinging is better but my left shoulder and back is starting to protest.

                              checked out the hipseat.. my complain is that it's so darn UGLY!!!
                              really cannot justify the price as it looks like a huge Men's waistpouch with something stuffed in it.

                              so... still looking...