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  • Cold Sores

    Hi All:

    Anyone here know of any remedies for cold sores? TIA!

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    try a cold spoon else a medication cream called zirovac


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      Nat: Do you mean to just place a very cold spoon on the lips?


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        yes i was told instant relief once the cold spoon touches the sore

        have u been to the pharmacy yet?


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          ack ack ack, i HATE cold sores! the worst thing about them is that they keep coming back to haunt you even after they've healed. argh.

          i went to the doctor to get a cream for my cold sore the first time i got one, but after that i just used one that i got from guardian pharmacy called 'acylovir stada'. it's by guardian's in-house brand, and it was only about 7 dollars i think. much cheaper than the 'branded' version which was about 20 bucks.


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            Alright, thanks for the tip, Nat. I wanted to but it's almost gone now. Thank heavens.

            conquistador: Thanks for that too! Will keep a look out for that in case I get a next attack. *touchwood*


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              Originally posted by natnatviv
              try a cold spoon else a medication cream called zirovac
              I'm very prone to cold sores and I must say that Zovirax is really effective


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                Hey Nat! That tip of yours works wonders! The next morning, my cold sore was totally gone. Although it was already recovering by then, I think the cold spoon sped up the process. Thanks so much!

                So is this med called 'zirovac' or 'zovirax'? Is it available over-the-counter? How much is it? TIA! *smiles*


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                  this is embarassing
                  my spelling is wrong

                  woo snow_angel good for u
                  glad it works!


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                    just wondering what are cold sores?


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                      Cold sores is caused by herpes simplex virus. There is no known cure but medication to help control the symptoms. You will get it when your resistant, immunity is low or under stress. It is contagious when you have a breakout. Never touch you cold sores and then rub your eyes. It will transmit from your lips to your membrane area such as eye and genitals.

                      Other ways that you may contract cold sores are using a lipstick that another person had used while having her cold sores. Sharing of face towels. Through kissing. some may contract the virus but never have a cold sores outbreak in their life. A pregnant woman with genital herpes can pass it on to their new born. The severity of it is causing blindness to the new born (this is a very rare case but it is one risk)

                      You need to see a doctor to have it diagnosis instead of self medicating. Some may mistaken perioral dermatitis as cold sores which is quite different.


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                        thanks for that coffee


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                          hmmm. i always thought cold sores were a symptom of herpes simplex but were not neccessarily caused by herpes simplex itself.

                          edit : oops appears you are right coffee. cold sores are a form of herpes simplex - Herpes Simplex Virus I.

                          More about HSV I ( courtesy of ) :

                          "What is it exactly?

                          There are two types of the Herpes Simplex Virus: Simplex I and Simplex II.
                          Simplex I usually infects the mouth (cold sores are Herpes Simplex I) , and Simplex II usually infects the genitals. However, both types can be transmitted sexually (through kissing and oral sex as well as through skin and genital contact), and HS I is not limited to the mouth area.
                          It can also sometimes cause genital-area or anal-area lesions. Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States."

                          If you are curious to know more about the condition and how to take extra care when you have a cold sore, here's a link to more info

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                            i'm always plagued with cold sore!!!!!

                            it's so irritating and i used to get it when my immunity level is low. that's all.

                            starting from this year, i got cold sores coz i was all in the sun too long (doc said it's sun blister) and another one was when having PMS!

                            gosh, i never thought too much sun and PMS will cause cold sores man. and the sun-blister was soooo huge that it's like the size of a fishball, took exactly 2 weeks to heal!

                            another embarrassing thing is...pple always think cold sore is associated with sexual disease. oh gimme a break.

                            anyway, other than doc prescribed medication, i dun hv instant remedy. when i suffer another breakout next time, will definitely try the cold spoon method.


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                              Originally posted by jazzanova
                              another embarrassing thing is...pple always think cold sore is associated with sexual disease. oh gimme a break.
                              Oh yeah, tell me about it. When I first got this, I was thinking this is so different from normal mouth ulcer. This is like tiny bumps and lines on my outer lips. You know like when you eat too much prunes and your lips get kinda all wrinkled up.

                              I just thought that perhaps this is what they call 'cold sores'. Yeah, I admit I should not have made my own diagnosis.

                              But anyway, when I googled on it, I freaked out when I saw the word herpes. I mean it was totally scary.

                              And what mortified me even more what to know that once the virus strand is in your body, it will always be there to stay. Dormant - until the next bout of attack.

                              So far it has been good but if it does happen again (hopefully not), I'll make sure I get a proper diagnosis.