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What do you do with your excess/unwanted items?

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  • What do you do with your excess/unwanted items?

    What do you do with your excess/unwanted clothes/toys in bulk?

    I was thinking of donating them (those in good condition) to charity organisations.

    I also have a lot of stuff toys which are in excellent condition. They are given to me over the years, but I'm just not a "stuff toys" person.

    Selling them takes too loooong, and they are taking up space in my tiny room currently!

    Anyone has any ideas how to go about donating the stuff? I just want someone to benefit from my stuff, and not sell them for profit.

    Any idea on how to go abt sending them overseas to other 3rd world / poorer countries?


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    I normally try to sell the 'sellable' stuff on yahoo auction, and the rest we just drop them off at Salvation army donation box. In fact, we drop items off sal army every few months cause I dislike clutter taking up good storage space. They also take stuffed toys, furniture, etc..


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      how about Salvation Army? they have collection points around - i know of one near Marine Parade's NTUC Fairprice.


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        Or check out this thread here:


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          so heart-warming to know you girls do have such big hearts! I'd love to join the mass collection of un-wanted/extra items and give them to charity.

          do inform me if there's another one soon!