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  • hmmm .. I kept hearing those around me saying there is a new hdb ruling whereby one person cannot own a condo & hdb at the same time .. and therefore is required to sell one off within 6mths? Ive been busy and haven had the chance to catch the daily news on tv .. can someone share with me if this is true? If so, im gg to bid my time and wait for the price to drop abit ..


    • yes kye, it's true


      • Hi all,

        My 2nd appointment is next tues!!!
        After the new ruling now they all say it's the buyers' market, then my dad was like trying to make me feel bad for buying earlier this year

        For sure COV is going to drop but I believe the valuation has already crawl up abit over the last few months so lower COV basically mean the prices stabilizes.

        Right now I think the sales drop because everyone is taking time to digest the new ruling and work out the consequences of their purchase/sales. For me I'm just glad that I didnt buy a DBSS because that would mean I miss out on my grant!!!

        My colleague has been nagging at me because I have yet to buy a single piece of furniture and get a contractor for my house

        Any recommendations? I'm only looking to renovate my two toilets... how much should I be looking at?


        • is it really buyer's market now?

          the sellers are not lowering the price and the property-related gurus and agents also saying not much effect as the price will be this high still.... everyone of them were saying will only see the impact (if any) 6 months later.

          NoirAeC, your dad cute la umm, think it this way, if you didnt buy earlier then you wont be having this unit you love huh?


          • I observed a drop gradually on COV; but still not enough to move me. Well, like all mentioned, maybe just observe in another 6months time.

            I think there’s never a “perfect” time to buy a house, or maybe a car per se (two main money-sucking fellows in Singapore). If you need it, you just need l.o.r. Other unforeseen factors are secondary already.

            So after 2nd appointment, when can collect keys?


            • I myself is a seller..selling a 5rm flat point block,at toa payoh!!
              the COV lower abit after the HDB rules!!

              Ah!!!!!!house still pending for sale!
              hope can get better price for selling!!!


              • crystaleye
                Actually I think now the sellers and agents are more willing to negotiate. Unlike when I was looking around (may this year), I have a seller who actually increase the COV after I decide to meet the initial asking

                I actually saw a listing asking 15k COV (I paid 40k COV) for a 5rm flat at the same block I'm getting and higher floor too. But the valuation was higher too, it's 435k, mine is 8th and valued at 420k. I believe there's slight increase in valuation. 435k valuation at this cluster is almost unseen of when i was looking around.

                Yea, I agree with you about the timing. I believe it's like fated, when it's time for you to get a flat you have to get it.

                You get the keys during 2nd appointment

                It's going to be a 10years of loan!!


                • yes the COV already drop which is a good news.. is worth a wait can save some $ for renovation. Waiting for another few months for Valuation to drop too since is base on past 3 months transaction!


                  • Originally posted by seni View Post
                    kye dear..i'm not cash rich. SO sold his existing HDB at bishan at COV $48K. just nice for us to cover for our new house. but now HDB has this new ruling on holding 50% of cash proceeds for the 2nd hdb house loan. We're actually appealing for a waiver for this since its such a new policy which came out when we already loooking for houses. anyone tried appealing for this before??

                    beautywish thanks babe i'm very excited also!!

                    vampiel do you still need the template? i just drafted my appeal to HDB, but I can only access my yahoo mail at home. I can send you a copy tonight if you're interested but just to inform you that this email is drafted by myself cause I don't have any template either. *keeping my fingers crossed that it will be accepted by HDB*
                    Hi I'm new here. I saw your post abt appealing to HDB. Do you mind to share with me. Thanks in advance.


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                      • Originally posted by dubilee
                        is there any flats with fewer number of units in each floor or any units that is not side by side?
                        like point block flats? these are 4 units on a floor, each unit is in one corner of the block and generally, only a short kitchen wall is shared between 2 units


                        • ^^^ that i don't know - perhaps someone else can chip in with their experience.


                          • I'm now living in a point block hdb. Years ago, I was living in a corridor unit, next to a corner. Lucky for me, I have "considerate" neighbors so I never had experienced intolerable noise from them. So, it really depends on your neighbors, not really the layout.

                            Anyway, I went to my gf's new house @ DBSS Boon Keng as she just got the keys days ago. Expected, unit is small (no surprise) but the view is amazing. City living. Windy. The size is actually fine for a couple plus a little member.


                            • not so many sellling on cormer untis these day, i been looking around bishan/sin ming for quite awhile. For me to stay HDB i think a corner is a must.


                              • can someone please advise when do we have to pay the 5% cash +15% cpf amount after signing the OTP?