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  • All Things Hubby!

    I sure hope this thread will not be taken away because its deem irrelevant or something.

    Anyway, was thinking that since there is a 'all things baby' thread, we can do with a thread on our dear hubby as well.

    Although, my dear hubby won't be reading this, I just wanna say that I am truly fortuate to have him. And I'm really blessed to have a hubby who is so involved in our pregnancy.

    I was telling dear hubby the other day, how much I miss not being able to run, jump and dance and that the first thing I wanna do after regaining energy after birth is go run one round around the hospital. But as I was lying in bed just now, unable to sleep and looking at him sleeping soundly. I realised how much I miss all the tight bear hugs from him and all the bed wrestling that I love so much.

    Soon, it will be three of us. He, me and baby and I sure look forward to all the fun

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    Such a sweet thread!


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      I think this thread is very relevant! After all, no hubby how to have cute baby?!

      I agree with what tanya says about being fortunate to have an involved hubby, cause I *really* cannot imagine how in the world this pregnancy will feel and be like if my ever-supportive hubs wasnt here every step along the way.

      From the moment we joyously discovered that I was finally preggie (we tested negative just 2 months before this positive strip and was quite disappointed) until now, my darling hubs has been part of this pregnancy every way he possibly can. I had been told before I got preggie that usually the man is not as attached to the pre-born baby and tuned in to the pregnancy as the woman because she is the one carrying the baby. But for us, we're almost equally pregnant in spirit! When I was physically suffering (first tri morning sickenss and third tri aches), my hubby looked so helpless and sad that I swear he feels miserable than I am lol; When my appetite grew, hubby ate more than me(!); When I had my aches, hubby gave me massages and ended up with shoulder aches of his own(he didnt complain, but I could tell) LOL; When we attended antenatal class, we did our antenatal and breathing excercises together; Even when I couldnt sleep at night (some pregnancy hormone thingy), for some strange reason, hubby also developed mild insomnia (this part IS baffling!) on his own!

      And now we're both equally excited and can't wait for THE day to come!!
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        yep, i 2nd that! glad that your hubby is involved, that totally makes all the inconveniences of the pregnancy worthwhile.

        if i may share too....

        my hubby was totally involved in the pregnancy, never missed any gynae visits or antenatal classes, bought bebe sounds and religiously read to our baby in-utero every night (while i was watching tv). he was right with me walking out my contractions in the wee hours of the morning.

        during labour, he was alongside me when i was pushing, he cut the cord. took photos and carried his newborn. during our stay in the hospital, he was with me when i was struggling to breastfeed, he changed all the dirty diapers and walked his newborn around the ward being the proud daddy he is.

        now, its 10.5 mths later, he's doing all the night wakings (and she's waking like 4-5 times in one night cos she wants to play), patting the baby to sleep, taking care of her when i'm out with my friends enabling me to still have a social life, cooking the baby's food when the maid is off (i can't cook).

        what more can i want!


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          I love this thread..

          Cos hubby and me gone through my MC and finally this pregnancy. Was not easy for me cos we tried like ten months before I got pregnant but gone after 2 months. He was alway supportive. Bought a new car once I am pregnant and did not insisted that I continue my job when I wanted to stop..

          He was alway there for me - our current prenatal class with Mrs Wong, massage for me, help me to get up, he is alway thrifty so to save more $$ for me and baby... He never fail to make me laugh especially when he talks to bb in his comical way..

          Everyday I look forward when he gets off work so we can chat. Always tell him I want baby to look like him when he is young.. and he never fail to make me laugh especially when he talks to baby...

          this is bringing tears to my eyes.... feel totally like a blessed woman... :preggie:


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            Originally posted by acidica
            Always tell him I want baby to look like him when he is young.. and he never fail to make me laugh especially when he talks to baby...
            Before we knew the gender of our baby, I told my hubby that if we have a boy, I want my boy to grow up taking after his dad in every way possible. If we have a girl, our daughter will grow up in an environment where she sees and learn what true love and family means, and when she is old enough to date and then marry, she'll never settle for second best cause she'll definitely want to find a man who loves and cherishes her the way her daddy loves and cherishes her mummy.


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              Chris - this is so touching...


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                What a great thread!

                I am very blessed and fortunate to have a hubby who's very involved in my pregnancy too. When I first found out that I am pregnant, I bought him a book called The Expectant Father and made him read it. Although he doesn't really like reading English books, he put in effort to read the book every night and even did some of the things suggested in the book.

                When I got morning sickness, he was so worried and tried his best to make me as comfortable as I could by giving me massages, suggesting food that was not likely to make me vomit etc. He was really supportive and loving and never once complained even though I kept whining.

                He also never feels bored listening to me talking about stuff which I have read in baby books and parenthood magazines. He seems so interested in finding out more about parenting. He accompanies me to every prenatal checkup and sometimes he joins me in the consultation room too.

                Whenever I crave for certain foods, he buys them for me or takes me out to eat although he does complain that he's also putting on weight

                He patiently accompanies me when I go baby shopping and offers to carry all the shopping bags. He lets me buy whatever I want for the baby and sometimes he chooses cute outfits for our baby too.

                I stopped driving after I found out I am pregnant so he's been chauffeuring me to work every day. He also helps to carry my heavy work bag.

                Like mango, I hope my baby girl can find someone as good as my hubby to be her husband and that my baby boy (when I have one) can grow up to be like his daddy. I am truly blessed to have a hubby like him


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                  Dear girls,

                  Thank you for your posts. I was reading each and every post and am so touched, tears are rolling down my cheeks. Such wonderful stories of love!

                  I too can surely identify with wanting a little boy to be like papa and a little girl like mommy!

                  I think my hubby is blessed to have a little princess (a mini me) that he can love and adored and hopefully one day we will have a boy too so that I can enjoy seeing and having a little boy just like him.

                  And mango, my hubby too have those "pregnancy symptoms". Whatever, I experience he seems to develop some too. There is a french term to it called Couvade, meaning to hatch. I'm sure its the result of their great love for us!


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                    I dont see any reason why this thread would be moved - it's brilliant! Extremely moving to read all your little stories and anecdotes; all of you have been blessed with lovely lovely husbands.


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                      Ooohh, reading all your lovely stories about doting husbands and daddies makes me feel all broody! Maybe MCDS should sponsor the CozyMom section!


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                        really very touching ladies.... pray so hard that my hubby will behave like most of your hubbies too.. but he's got the kinda 'don't care much' attitute... so afraid that he will not 'participate' in my pregancy in future(now planning to have one!)..


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                          Sis lent me this month's 'young parent' and one particular article made me laugh.

                          Hubby upon reading it thinks he is as good if not better than those hubbies mentioned and I was also quick to point out I am such a sweet pregnant wife unlike some of those that are mentioned.

                          Anyway, some wifes really turned into monsters and some hubbies really have a hard time.

                          Here's 2 quotes from the magazine:

                          "I spent every morsel of available time with her - no LAN gaming, no golf, no personal recreation, no friends, and that was often painful for me. The worst thing I had to endure was her mood swings. I got ticked off for doing things right, scolded for doing things wrong and near beaten for doing nothing at all. I was sad as I could be."

                          "I work from home and often work till the wee hours. I installed a baby monitor in the bedroom so that whenever Daphne had leg cramps, all she had to do was press a button and I would be there to massage them away. The worst thing about pregnancy was her temper. Boy, was she a different person then!"


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                            Originally posted by naughtygirl

                            ". I got ticked off for doing things right, scolded for doing things wrong and near beaten for doing nothing at all. "

                            Hahaha this part really make me laugh...

                            My hubby was so fortune ( hope he know it :D, may be should consider buy this magazine for his to read ), i dont have any of the pregnant symptoms at all, i also continue with my normal house chores even til today, only feeling more sleepy in the first trimester.


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                              Like SummerDay, i was telling hubby how lucky he is that wifey do not have strange food cravings in the middle of the night. Nor need he put up with my pukey state because somehow he's always not around during the few times i felt nauseous.
                              The only thing he had to deal with is an extremely tired wife who wants to sleep her weekends away! It's quite a major change for him since we've always spent our weekends doing sports last time.