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  • Hotel Room Phobia

    This silly but......

    I am planning to go HK with my couple friends but do not wish to bunk in with them, however I am quite scared of sleeping alone, I guess I tend to be too 'imaginative'. Anyone has suggestion to help me overcome this 'phobia'???

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    Hmm.. you could bring a travel candle of your fave scent so you feel more at home ?
    Bring a discman to listen to music?

    Turn on the TV at all times

    I do have my little hotel phobia and this is what I do.. make the room as noisy as possible but without a hotel staff knocking on the door! keke.


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      I'm 'imaginative' too

      I'll leave the toilet and bed-side (dim it though) lights on when I sleep.

      And like Stilafaux, I'll switch on the TV when I return to the room

      Which Hotel will you be staying at?


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        thanks for the support but I don't think I can sleep with the TV on

        Qiu-have not decided yet, most likely a three star low end hotel.


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          With lower-name budget hotels, I'm more worried about hidden cameras. Just me, but I look up and check the ceiling boards (lower end hotels use ceiling boards like offices) are all in place, no weird gaps. I've made hubby climb up to push them into place. I'm also more concerned about cockroaches- in case any are in the bed/ under bedcovers.

          Alone, I switch on the TV, low-sound, or well, just switch on the lights.


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            Even when I am scared, I still sleep as per normal, turn off all the lights etc and unfortuately met with some super natural when I was in a chalet (not a hotel). Yes, I was the only girl and silly enough to sleep on my own (changi) while the guys at least 6 of them slept in another room.

            Anyway, I'm still quite bold as I got over the incident. I would suggest when alone:

            1. keeping some lights on
            2. wait till you are very tired before attempting to sleep
            3. place as many pillows around you for security
            4. bring a comfort item from home eg, a teddy, sweater, towel (to cover eyes or for sniffing the towel (smell of home)
            5. and if you really cannot sleep, wake up instead of lying in bed

            Hope at least one suggestion is helpful


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              I agree with naughtygirl totally. That's what I normally do. If I get too scared, I just switch on the air conditioner full blast and use the duvet to cover myself up so I won't get too warm inside.


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                for me i will leave the toilet light on and make sure the door is locked securely


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                  I usually leave the tv on when Im in my room but not sleeping.. and at night, I'd have a light on while i sleep...just a small light. And I also cover my entire face with the blanket!!! LOL.


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                    I always leave the lights on in the toliet. I do have a habit of swtiching on the TV whenever I reach the room, I'm not sure why but maybe I can have something I can focus on. I would always check everything when I enter, under the bed, closet....

                    Before I sleep, I would always drag a chair & my hard case luggage to put against the door so that I can hear noise if someone try to break in


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                      Originally posted by Pixash
                      I usually leave the tv on when Im in my room but not sleeping.. and at night, I'd have a light on while i sleep...just a small light. And I also cover my entire face with the blanket!!! LOL.
                      I will cover my head with a pillow, sometimes my friends will wonder if I will suffocate myself, but this has been my sleeping habit for long, even in my own bedroom


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                        Bring along a comfort item & some essential oils if u r used to using them (lavender & marjorum helps u get into sweet slumber)

                        Most important of all, do change d room if u feel uncomfortable the minute u step into it. You'll be surprised that sometimes your sixth sense can be quite accurate. Strictly speaking from personal experience...just came back from a trip to melacca & met with supernatural beings.


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                          hi beckooky, you felt something was wrong with the room so you change immediately or after you 'ran into' those supernatural beings???

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                            felt something was amiss after returning from shopping trip with students....sliding glass door (this leads to balcony) was ajar by 5 cm even though i never practice opening any window or door when staying in hotel room. Was thinking not that much a problem as nothing was missing, but been feeling there was someone else in the room.

                            in the middle of the night felt someone sleeping next to me on the bed....tried to push the 'person' away but didnt thing i know felt another 'person' lay on top of me & another one hold down my left arm. Was unable to move, talk and open my eyes....was in this situation for about an hour.


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                              Didnt change my room as i only stayed there for a nite....but would definitely request for a change if i need to stay longer. Think the hotel staff knows; just crossing their fingers & hoping the customers will not find out.

                              Heard from a friend she once encounter such a room but the hotel staff claimed that the hotel is fully booked and wouldn't allow for any exchange (she didnt tell them its because of those stuff) in the end she dropped a few ammonia salts & claimed that the room is too smelly to sleep in. In the end they relent.