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Plagiarism checker (Looking for a good one)

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  • Plagiarism checker (Looking for a good one)

    Guys, I'm confused and need help. Could anyone suggest me a good and reliable online plagiarism checker,please? I've checked my essay for free last week (honestly, don't remember the name of that checker, it was on the first page of Google) and got a positive report so I was absolutely sure that it's fine. Can't even explain how mad I've been today when my professor said it's more than 50% plagiarized! (he uses paid plagiarism checker ) . I knew that free checkers worse than paid services but could't imagine some of them don't recognize plagiarism at all. :-( Still hope to find a good one for free, I need to check 3 more pages. Any ideas?
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    I heard about Unplag plagiarism checker before, my buddies use it at their college. They told me that this tool has many features with high speed of performance. As their college pays for the annual subscription, for students it's free to use Unplag.

    But if you need plagiarism checker for personal use, there are charges to pay. Btw, you can use, they have a free trial


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      I can tell you for sure that assignments should be original papers. You cannot use someone's essay when you're working on your own. It is better to write it by yourself. If you are not sure you can deal with it, better ask specialists to help you. I've personally used the help of Supreme essay service. They saved my time. you know. You can give them a try.