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  • Degree still useful?


    Any one of you studying part time now for a degree? Care to discuss what course and do you think it will help in your career line..

    want to seek advice from you all too..

    Me just started my course in SIM in marketing. Well, the reason I study is because I don't want to be treated as a clek but yet I hate challenging jobs. I don't myself aiming to be a manager or any body high up there.. I only want a good increase in my salary with the degree I will have obtained

    It is real tiring to go to school after work and because of this, the time that I spend at home has reduced. Morever, It is so expensive. I am currently taking a loan from my father but I feel so bad cause he can use this money for other purposes..

    Everyone is studying so me also study but me still not able to convince myself whether it is the correct path. I am just a person looking for a simple life but in this world, money really comes first..

    aiii,, anyone care to post some advice here.. thanks thanks

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    hmmm interesting, studying bcos everyone around is

    actually i always think that whether or not with a degree, u can do well for urself
    probably the path is abit harder as you dont have the "paper" to back yourself up.

    as for challenging jobs, what is considered challenging in a job?
    to me no matter how challenging it is, it is only a job

    work to live, or live to work? u make the choice

    there is nothing such as a high paid job with no challenges, after all your employers bring u in to solve problems and ultimately make money for them!

    actually simplicity in life is the worse to attain, how simple u want your life is entirely up to you!

    good luck in finding the path (p/s: i havent done that yet!)


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      You have to decide whether the benefits are worth the risk. What kind of job do you think you'll be offered after getting the piece of paper? And is the pay increase over the rest of your working life worth the loan you're now taking? If you can't answer these two questions but feel that you have a burning desire to complete your education, go ahead. But if you can't answer these two questions and just think that something better will come along now, I suggest you think it over. Just because everyone else around you seems to be doing better with a degree doesn't mean you will. Times are getting tougher no matter what the government growth figures say, and it's probably better to find another job with your kind of salary in mind right now with your current qualifications. After all, you don't want to put in all the effort and still not get results. And it sounds like you don't want to put in much effort at all, but things aren't going to get better if you don't fight for it. So much for the no challenge and simple life. If you're dead certain you will get a better offer after the degree, then go right ahead. Personally I've had enough of study after so many years in uni, and I don't think it's brought much to my life in terms of employment. BUT it has helped me mature alot as a person.

      Whatever it is, you first need to have a goal, and then work towards it using whatever means. And remember, you don't have to justify to anyone why you do what you do. Just do it.


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        I'm currently doing a part time degree course over at SIM too.

        Alot of people work hard in life, without a degree and still earn big bucks. I wont say a degree would equate to a higher salary either. It all depends on your luck, how good is your qualification. Meaning what class of hons do you have, how good are your grades are etc etc.

        The reason im doing this degree is purely for self-fulfillment. In a way, i *hope* that my degree would allow me to have a higher salary but all things being equal, i would love to wear my gown and my cap and take a family portrait with my whole family when i graduate from the university. In a way, i sort of make amends to myself that i did not denied myself a university education when i choose to go to a poly and not jc when i finished my o levels.

        Its indeed tiring to be working and studying at the same time. All your leave goes towards studying for exams, rushing for assignment. While your friends/colleagues goes home/play straight after work, our second life begins in school. Its also taxing on the finances too especially if you are paying for your own school fees as in my case.

        But what the heck. This is something that i have thought long and hard for and im prepared to make such a sacrifice. Some of my friends dropped out of course cos they cannot cope with school fees, full time job and their time spent on studying and doing assignments.

        I would say a degree might only be a stepping stone to something higher or an increment to the salary that you are drawing now. At the end of the day, hard work and the right attitude in your work may probably help you if you want to go far in your career.

        Just my 2cents worth..


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          ADD my share of thoughts...

          i was battling whether to take on a degree course since 2 years ago.. i have a dip in Interior Design & i was thinking of a degree in Marketing or Business management.. but for 2 yrs i couldnt bring myself to go for it... i took a long time i know but i was glad i did not go for them when all my friends around me were doing theirs..

          only early this year i realised my real hidden interest was make-up. so i am glad I didnt do it for the sake of doing it...

          its really tough however... real tough.. my SO now taking degree and his study schedules & work time really taking a toll on his body. he begins to fall sick & stuff.. lack of sleep etc becos the last time he studied was like his diploma about 4 yrs ago. i can understand what he has to go through.. refresh himself as well as the biggest challenge of making one self concentrate on the book after years of only concentrating on TV & internet... $$ also.. we have gone tight since he started schooling too...

          so.. but i think it takes alot for one to start studying after so long.. but ONLY DO IT WHEN U R READY EMOTIONALLY & PHYSICALLY READY or that that subject IS WHAT U REALLY WANT, dont do it becos its a COMMON one..! not that simple...

          I wish the best to those DEGREE-GRABBERS!! cheers :note:


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            My very short 2 cents: I personally feel that a degree may open doors, but the rest is up to you. Having a degree does not necessary mean higher pay - pay increments will depend on company & your work performance as well although in some companies, not having a degree may hinder your progress.


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              Just my 2 cents worth...

              I do agree with Ann too..
              A degree adds a prestige to your name and do open you up for more oppourtunities.

              However, to some, studying for a degree is because they would like to learn more stuff related to the field/s that they are interested in. In a way, this also better equip oneself for the more challenging doors that they are opened to.

              To me, getting a job that one likes would be more preferrable to getting one that pays higher, but may not necessarily that i'll end up happy with. Also again, this view is subjective.

              Perhaps you can considerate other shorter-duration jobs available for yourself as you've mentioned about tiredness after work? It's not really advisable generally to work too much if the study load were to be heavy. Coz in a way, it'll be wasting time and money that you've loaned from your dad.

              As for feeling bad regarding loaning fees from your dad, has he complained anything regarding the financial issue? Coz if i'm not wrong, if he's willing to fork out the amount for your studies w/o any complains, I'm sure he is okay with it coz eventually you graduate with your degree, he'll be so proud of you too!

              In life, various people have different ways of defining 'simple life'. Everybody's simplicity is pretty different, although some of which can be alike.

              For example, it can be a life where you just find an ok-paid job, and go home rest after which. It can also be simple, where you need to earn a huge income in order to achieve a stable financial status which one will then feel 'safe', and hence, enable one to live a secured-simple life. Perhaps you would like to share how you would like your simple life to be?

              If you feel ready and would like to study, go for it!
              Most important thing is that you should feel happy and no regrets with the eventual outcome.


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                Hi Mint_Infused

                me really in the state of confusion regarding my study path. My simple life is to do work and return work to a family of warmth and happiness.. but I guess a simple life is always hard to achieve..My parents are running a trading grocery shop. They have to run about daily and I hope that I can help them, but worries that it will affect my emplyment value if I ever want to get back to work..

                Ke ke.. morever, I have friends who are graduates but are unable to find jobs. Even though they can find, the pay is quite pathetic

                I guess the whole issue is that I have yet to find my path in life which I think is a thing everyone is trying to find out...



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                  Quite interesting to read Dreamy's post. Perhaps I can share.
                  I have a degree and have worked for years (ahem...quite old already). Like you, I'm not very ambitious in wanting a very challenging/powerful post, but just like the better-than-clerk's pay.

                  If I were in your shoes now, I'd say: go take the degree, after graduating - go work hard outside and gain good experience for a few years/get promoted, which will stand you in good stead as it shows you have proven your performance. After that, can pursue a simpler job if that's what you want or help in your parents' shop. Taking a degree course also helps to train your thinking/analytical and other skills.

                  It's nice that your parents have a trading shop which you can choose to help out. I wish I had the chance, bec. I'm tired of the corporate life (facing a later-stage crossroad).


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                    i feel that a degree will give u more benefits if u can afford it. as many cotters have mentioned here, it teaches u some life skills (eg analytical skills etc). it's not only a cert.

                    u may not need one to get rich but it's something that's gd to have. of course, ur experince n attitude must be up to standard before u can go far in ur career path.

                    at the end of the day, do think through what u expect from it? take a look at the industry u r in as well. is it a very much needed qualifications. if so, it may be a way to gain an edge over ur peers!

                    i myself m taking a grad dip(my frens think it's not worth it) part time now. i take it as a cert to open doors to a change in my carrer path. i wanna get out of my rut! haha..
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                      I agree that persuing extra courses (degrees/diplomas/whatnots) do give you an edge in life, and your future career path. Its not about the final cert ultimately, but the knowledge, skills and training you get as a result of taking the course. Through your coursemates, you might get to network as well!

                      Be prepared for hard work no less, but with the right attitude, you could get more than what the cert promises. Learning should be a lifelong practice.


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                        degree useful???

                        my sis and friends grad from nus biz(major in marketing) mh bf grad from law they all supposedly by the spore standard have gd degree, what what the point in the end, they still hate their job quit their job and go into mlm or insurance to make better money.

                        when i look at them, it is very discouraging for me an undergrad to study very hard. haha i dun mean studying is not impt, scholars get their life smooth sailling jus by getting excellent graded, but how many pple out there are scholars?even if u are a scholar u still have to compete with other scholar from china, india who will be willing to settle for lesser pay. if we are not scholars, then does it means we have to be shitty sales person even we have a degree?

                        eventually it is all abt bring in $$$ for the company. if u bring in money for the company who care what ur educational level. eventaully all boil don to money trust me even researcher are after money who will support their resreach if it is not goin to bring in money?????


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                          i do agree with what they said. actually a degree does not guarantee a better life or higher pay, in employment sometimes u just need that bit of luck. and not having a degree does not mean u cannot be successful in life but your path maybe abit bumpy as u do not have a proper paper for u to fall on. it is indeed tiring to go to school after work i am currently going thru this. the reason why i wanna do a part time course because i wanted to prove to myself that i can do better than i was when i was in sec school...and i wanna know how good i am in it. another reason is of course in spore we cannot go without a proper paper. i have to for classes four times a week, whenever i tell others about my timetable they will go 'wow that is so tough'.

                          i am already half way toward my goal and i told myself i am not going to give up no matter what. u must know what u actually want in life. there is no such thing as easy life without challenges. if u want a higher salary then u have to be mentally prepared that u have to take up new challenges. there are always opportunity losses but u cannot have the best of two worlds, can u?


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                            Interesting topic ,got me thinking. I already had a basic degree from NUS, applied for grad diploma in marketing from SIM.
                            I would say my degree is important to me and I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work in a related field (unlike many of my friends who went into teaching because the school recuited so many students when there is no demand for us).
                            But I realised this is probably not what i want after 6 months of working maybe too soon to tell?
                            So by taking a marketing diploma, hopefully it will increase my understanding of what doing sales is really all about before i plunge in?

                            what grad dip you doing pulpy..from where? =)


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                              deg is important when you live in singapore. I think in singapore, everywhere u go, all is about getting a deg cert. If not you will be push around... That's what I think. unless you do freelance or what.. But I think they will still ask you.. "which level are u in? Deg? masters? " hai.. that's life.