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    hi pple..

    anyone have any idea if u pawn away the diamonds.. how much can they get? my diamonds are .. erm.. comes with cert though...

    need money urgently.. so.. duno.. sigh... no way already.. i need $1500 .. anyone have any ideas how many diamonds do i need hahaha...
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    How much your diamond is worth (at the pawn shop) will depends on diamond's carat size, and clarity. Jewelry has an extremely high mark-up, and diamonds usually don't get you much $$ I think. And also, I think the pawn shop will probably ask for the receipt for the diamonds.


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      oops.. where is my receipts.. i dunno .. but i do keep the certs though.. not too big la.. all small small one.. sigh.. better cross my fingers...


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        u really dont have to consider pawning diamonds.. no price.. yellow gold fetch better $$..

        when my business went bad i did pawn away many of my white gold with diamond pieces.. mostly from larry's & goldheart.. no value. the highest offer i had for a designed diamond ring which i bought for S$5500 was S$900. can u imagine? the rest i got was like S$80, S$120... i only got S$90 for a pair of solitaire ear studs each side about 0.3carat G colors.. can u imagine?

        diamonds are good friends.. they cost to buy, meant to stay with you forever.... thats why its girls best friends.. u cant sell it off or pawn. no value.

        I tried selling a 2month old larry diamond chunky ring with 11pcs of larry lazare diamonds the smallest being about 0.2carat and biggest 0.49carat.. i have the cert with me & receipts and the incision number to the diamonds.. i bought it for S$5800,, 2 weeks later i had to sell it as financial difficulties.. i want to sell for 2k, nobody wants.. highest offer was S$1200 or nothing at all.. i didnt sell in the end.

        think twice.


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          huh.. then im dead ***.. my stuff are like 0.3 and 0.4 only.. sigh.. *** other way can i get the money.. sigh...

          i need $1500 .. i dun have *** much of diamonds and my gold are all like cannot pawn one.. its left down by the so and so.. i dun dare touch them...

          sigh.. im dead...


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            smokeyeyes is right, diamonds do not have much resale value. Maybe you can try cashlines offered by the various banks?


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              cashlines? meaning borrow frm the bank?

              im not 2.5k yet... sigh.. i just ned 1.5 and i will be able to pay by dec..


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                just dont pawn the diamonds.. u'll end up loosing more.. like what ginger mentioned. try cashline or other credit facilities..


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                  gosh, i didnt know diamonds were only expensive in the shop and dont really retain their price tag value.

                  snowy, if you cant take bank loans, and you have insurance policies, you might want to see if the policies you hold allow for you to take a loan on them.


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                    If I recall correctly, what my granny used to do was to pawn her yellow gold, keep the pawn receipt, pay interest every mth, until she had enough money to redeem it (she has to pay higher than what she "borrowed" from the pawnshop).

                    If as you say, you need $1.5K NOW and can repay by Dec, does it make a difference whether you pawn your diamonds or your inherited yellow gold? Unless you don't intend or there's a possibility of you NOT redeeming the pawned items.

                    You should always keep receipts of your jewellery (unless they were gifts and weren't given together with the jewellery), at least can try to sell on online auctions. Basically, your non-yellow-gold jewellery are like LV bags/ other branded goods. They're not meant to be "investments"...! But since people sell their used LVs etc, you could try checking your wardrobe...?
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                        Originally posted by mel171103kev
                        O/T again, I've wanted to check out pawnshops for the longest time! But SO keeps scaring me (I like to wear my jewellery to compare with any new potential purchases)- he says if I enter alone, they'd clobber me and steal my own jewellery. Whereas mum refuses to go with me- she thinks pawnshop jewellery is unlucky.

                        When we were kids, my shrewd sis used to buy gold jewellery from pawnshops for my mum's birthday, cos they were much better value. But mum freaked out over unknown-pre-owned items so we stopped. Then my sis became the private "pawnshop" for my granny (she loaned money and kept the items if granny didn't pay up, this way both had good deals cos she could have nice jewellery if granny defaulted, while granny felt better about defaulting since the jewellery stayed in the family anyway, and the pawnshop didn't earn from these transactions at all). BTW granny wasn't lacking anything, she just needed even more mahjong money, so ethically still ok.

                        hey mel,

                        true, u can actually find nice retro jewellery pieces in pawn shops.. my friend bought a few last time... quite nice.. their 70s looking diamond solitaire that sticks out .. really cool. she paid $120 for it..



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                          Another way is to try to sell to your friends, they may be able to offer you a better price than the pawnshops.

                          My colleague's relative just gave her one ring a 0.3 carat surronded with longish diamond. Color looks to be not bad under spotlight but pattern is oldish. She said got it much cheaper cos relative bought from another friend who is in financial difficulties.


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                            Have to agree with all the girls here. My parents and grandparents always prefer yellow gold cos that has the most resale value. Diamonds are practically worthless on resale (compared to their original price), especially if you splashed out on 'branded' stuff like Tiffany's and all.

                            Try to pawn your yellow gold if you can, especially if you're sure you can get the money later on. Or else, borrowing from friends is the best way out.


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                              You'd get more money if you sell yellow gold to a jewellery store rather than pawning it. But if you want it back you don't have much choice. Apparently the stores take it back at market price (by weight) minus 20% or something. Gold isn't worth as much as it was years ago - 1 kg was worth like 50K about 20 years ago according to my parents. Modern jewellery uses less and less gold to achieve the same esthetic appeal, so you might find that the newer pieces don't fetch as much as you'd expect even if you sell it.