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  • Pre-Pregnancy

    Hi All mums & mums to bes

    Me a newcomer who happens to chance upon this site. Married & planning to get pregnant. So here I am who need to know the usual procedures for thoes who is planning to get pregnant.

    Do you gals go see gynae before conceiving? Take folic acid?

    Also any recommendations for female gynaes? Me feel uncomfortable *** male gynaes. Also can tell more abt ur packages etc.......

    See ya!!!!!!!

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    Hi arwen Welcome to the board

    My pregnancy was planned so I sort of did some homework before conception occurred.

    First of all, I think it'll be a good idea to get a pregnancy book so that you know what to expect and some books even tell you things to do if you are planning to conceive. I recommend William Sears' The Pregnancy Book and The Mother of All Pregnancy Books by Ann Douglas.

    I also started taking folic acid and multivitamins about 2 months before my planned conception and tried to eat as healthily as I could. I ate lots of fruits and drank lots of orange juice (rich in folic acid).

    I didn't go for a pre-conception medical because I wasn't sure if it's conducted in the hospitals here but you can probably ask around. This can be quite important especially if you have a family history of some pretty serious congenital diseases.

    I think that's about all. Go read up some books. They really help


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      Hi Ariel

      U did not go for the pre-pregnancy check up but did u take any vaccination agst rubella, measles etc????

      Then the folic acid & multivitamins *** u take is from your GP or over the counter?

      Will go & look for the books that you recommend *** weekend.


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        I knew I have immunity against rubella, measles, Hep B etc before I conceived so I didn't go for a check-up. I keep my immunisation quite up-to-date :D

        I got the folic acid and the multivitamins from the pharmacy. I also took supplements like royal jelly and Omega 3 tablets.


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          Hi there!

          For me, after we decided to conceive, I took 400mcg of folic acid that I bought from GNC daily, that's about it. We didn't do a fertilisation calender or anything, but we did er.. work harder at the right times of the month.

          Didn't see a gynea either, I saw my gynea for the first time after we found out that I was pregnant when I was 6 weeks- that was an unforgettable day!
          I don't think there's a 'procedure' for alot of people who wanna conceive. Just take your folic regularly, eat healthily, and have alot of sex (of course, doing it at the right time counts too)! Don't give yourself too much pressure or it'll take the fun away. You wouldn't want it to become stressful or a chore, so just go with the flow and enjoy!


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            For me:

            1) Started taking folic acid early on. But I noticed quite a few multivits do contain folic acid.

            2) Stay healthy

            3) Did not bother to see gynae for pre-pregnancy consultation. I don't think you need to UNLESS you have tried conceiving without success for more than half a year; or you think you need some genetic counselling (if you had previous miscarriages)

            4) If you want to aim for a specific gender, there are ways to try for this. Scientific ways of course. There were pamphlets in my gynae's office about controlling the women's and husband's diet to get different genders.

            5) I have a woman gynae, but I kinda chose the hospital first, then asked them for a name of a female gynae. Hence I did not get any recommendations. However, there are various local forums and I tend to see alot being discussed about specific gynaes. I recall one is a MeadJohnson website and another Singapore expat website. You can do a search on the internet to get the exact web addresses.

            6) Only started seeing the gynae after my home pregnancy test turned out positive.

            Good luck and have fun trying!


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              Actually visiting a gynae is essential even if you are not planning to have a baby yet.

              A yearly pap smear test is advisable. I was with my gynae way before I was pregnant for my yearly pap smear. Its always good to ensure one's well being before embaking on baby making. Wouldn't it be better to know you are well rather than discover something later when you conceived?

              I would also advise you to start an exercising routine before you conceive so that you can stay fit, have stronger abdominal muscle etc. As you can't exercise so much once you conceived, it is better to have those muscles toned before hand.

              Finally, I also took folic acid & multivitamins.

              Guess thats about all, alll the best to you arwen!


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                hi all mum

                nice knowing all of u fm this web...i'm new here...hope all of us can share and look after each other...its really a good sharing team...cheers keep it UP!
                i'm now 11wks...hope to hear more advise fm u ALL!


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                  Oh, I did my pap smear test with the normal GP. Part of my Prulady insurance policy that I get biannual check-ups free But I must say, the last GP was really young and it hurt quite a bit when she did it :roll:


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                    I do agreed with naughtygirl. Do all the check up you need to be sure you are healthy to prevent any unnecessary pregancy complication, so you could enjoy the pregancy even more by not worrying.


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                      Hi All

                      Thanks for ur feedback.

                      Now got better idea of what to do bsides having more sex. hehehehe..........

                      So most of u take folic acid & multivitamins from pharmacy? Is there any min. required mg.?

                      Hi mogmick.
                      Which hospital did u chose? Can PM me the contacts?


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                        Hi Arwen,

                        you can get folic acid at any pharmacy without prescription. It's 5mg per tablet and it cost about $2.50 for a pack of 100 tablets. Cheap huh?


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                          Folic Acid

                          Hi Keiko

                          U mean any pharmacy like Guardian sells folic acid? Is it folic acid alone or with other vitamins?

                          But would 5mg be too much? Read that 400mcg is sufficient?

                          Hi Mango
                          I saw a prenatal formula at GNC earlier, is it the one that you are eating?


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                            :wish: Congrats Keiko! Is this your 1st baby?


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                              Re: Folic Acid

                              Originally posted by arwen

                              Hi Mango
                              I saw a prenatal formula at GNC earlier, is it the one that you are eating?
                              I didn't take any multi-vit, I only took 400mcg of folic acid.