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Precious Moments figurines!

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  • Precious Moments figurines!

    hi hi..

    just curious... any of you collects <b>Precious Moments</b> figurines too?

    i love them... so sweet and lovely that makes you go "awwww..." and you could almost find one figurine representation for any special occasion or mood.. but too bad they're not-so-cheap :roll:

    i don't have a large collection... only started about 1-2 year ago. but fell in love with them. there was a certain period, i had to reward myself with one figurine every payday but after a while, i figured i don't have that many display shelfs at home afterall... hehe... so i seldom buy them nowadays.

    now i somewhat diverted my addiction to make-up... oops... (not that cheap a hobby either)

    wonder any collectors or fellow PM lovers here?

    and which is your favourite figurine?
    i have a few favourite ones... but thought this is quite appropriate to represent cozycotters

    <b><font color=9966ff>Friends of a Feather Shop Together</b></font>

    - crazygirl
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    Not me but my elder sis. She's totally in love with them. She's a member of the Precious Moment club for 4 years!


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      me me! im fanatic over PM! i have a few of it, some i bought myself some are presents. but its a rather expensive hobby. i love to check out the stocks in PM shops when i am free. there's a PM hotel in US! i'll love to go there for my wedding!


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        reviving this thread...

        fellow precious moments collectors, check out this upcoming figurine for summer 2005 collection.. awww isn't it sweet?

        <b>I'm Yours Heart & Soul</b>

        i'm gonna get it when it comes... or drop hints to my SO to get it for me

        btw, he got me this for christmas...

        <b>You Have A Certain Glow About You</b>

        - crazygirl


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          I'm starting to really like Precious Moments figurines. At the moment the ones I have are all gifts, very tempting to start collecting!


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            I am a collector too!!

            btw, if you are looking for hard-to-find retired PM figurines, you can check out this local website :


            bought my Our Friendship is Soda-Licious from there!


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              was wondering how much have you guys spent on PM figurines?


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                i have about 20 figurines big and small all displayed in my glass cabinet right now.... some are gifts, some i bought myself over the years.

                the price range for PM porcelain figurines is about S$29 - S$500 for limited edition ones. so far, my most expensive ever was bought in 2003, one of PM's 25th anniversary figurines... costed me $225 (after 10% discount)

                like most all collectibles, it's certainly not a cheap hobby
                that's why i have stopped buying them for a while, unless i really see something that triggers that "love at first sight" high

                - crazygirl


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                  SO got me one: I'll never let you down

                  so tempted to get more, but i dont have space in the house and i'm not so rich!

                  *got the picture off precious moments website!*


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                    I love and love Precious Moments figurines! But too pricey to keep-it-up with this craze of mine.. plus, my children love to play with it! So, for now, not getting it anymore.. but i still love going into the shop just to look at them..


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                      I'm a PM member for 6 years already. I have over 30 figurines so far... kekeke


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                        hi, im an ex-pm collector.
                        got about 10+ figurines...
                        some i got for myself, while some are gifts.
                        other than figurines, i have got cross stich, jigsaw puzzles, planners, calenders as well.

                        i find them exp, so have not been buying them since...

                        i like them cos their themes are so representative of our lifes...

                        these pm figurines mark their significance...


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                          Anyone still into PM??

                          haha I just got hooked to it after my SO gave me the first one... Now I have 2...

                          I want to start collecting..

                          hahah expensive hobby. My SO got a shock when I said that to him


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                            i have quite a bit. not alot but quite a fair bit. some are no longer in production, so called LE.


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                              i'm a fan for precious moments too...i like them very much and my bf gives me as gifts..currently have 2 or 3...i also like precious moments cross stitch...quite nice..