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  • Olympics!

    Anyone watching the olympics or zoning in on any particular events? I love watchng gymnastics! There's artistic gym right now on 5 till 430pm I remember feeling heart pain for that khorkina girl who fell from the uneven bars 4 years ago. gorgeous to boot.

    I'm sure many like watching diving, sprint events, swimming (besides the men, it's amazing grace in action!). Let's chat about olympics if any of you tune in

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    thanks for the heads-up!! I LOVEEEE watching the gymnastics too. They're all so graceful! And it's amazing what the human body can do - inspirational!


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      Oooh! I love watching Olympics! Heh, remember spent my O'Levels watching it instead of studying, hoho during the last games.
      Stayed up last night to watch the Swimming Finals and my room TV is tuned in right now to the artistic gym too! (commercials now..)

      I am looking forward to watching swimming & short track events (sprints,relays) for the excitement and also artistic gym, synchro swim, womens' volleyball (only cos' I remember the Italian womens' team was GORGEOUS, every 1 of them, at the last Games). Yup, get all inspired to work out after this, I hope.


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        the opening ceremony was really awesome! i like watching gymnastics too! i was watching the men's segment on tvmobile in the bus today and gasped so loudly when one fell on his bum! so embarrassing.
        also, i like watching swimming, diving and the marathons. those like hockey, soccer etc don't really appeal much to me. :roll:


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          Khorkina's routine was superb! she's mighty swift on the bars. same here! was tuning in to swimming finals last night! can't wait for tuesdays 'showdown' as channel 5 so aptly puts in between Phelps and Thorpe.

          Oh yes! i rem the Italian vball team being gorgeous! Great bods, hopefully it'll get me off the couch.

          anyone caught the wonderful opening ceremony as well?


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            yes i agree, khorkina's gorgeous! i didn't know she was so old though (25), she still looks very young. too bad she stumbled on her second vault item today.. but she was still first overall. yay khorkina!


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              I love watching the gymnastics too! I am waiting to see my favorite hottie Blaine Wilson.

              The other events I love to watch are swim, and diving.


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                I love watching the gymnastics too, for me it's the highlight of the Olympics. It's amazing to watch

                (only cos' I remember the Italian womens' team was GORGEOUS, every 1 of them, at the last Games)
                geekchic, I agree with you on this I came back from Italy about 2 weeks ago, and my mum and I had mentioned how strikingly attractive the majority of Italian women are!!


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                  I like Khorkina too! And I agree - she's gorgeous. She was like, really snobbish looking but has such an air. I missed her on the Uneven bars yesterday! Shucks. Her specialty! Can't wait to watch her in action in the finals. I was telling SO she's really good but when we watched her on the floor yesterday, he commented that she's only passable (that ignorant fool). In the end, she's the one who got the highest in the Russian team (ha ha).

                  I was disappointed though, when I read 4 years ago, that she posed nude. Hmmm.

                  Other than gymnastics, I like watching Synchronised Swimming but wasn't able to catch them during the past few Olympics. Wrong timing. Hopefully I can get to watch it this time round.

                  Actually I like watching all events. Somehow it's so relaxing just sitting back and watching the sports. And of course, I like athletics because I love ogling at the flat flat no-shake abs of the women athletics.


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                    my favourites events are swimming and diving


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                      I like gymnastics and diving. Missed the synchronised diving slot! The Chinese are so darn good at it. I hate synchronised swimming with a vengeance, though!


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                        I'm like planning my sleeping hours around olympics now! Women's final tonight at 2am wheeee. but i'll have to tape it.

                        Thought the Phelps Thorpe and hoogenwhats-his-name showdown was exciting! Watched the men's synchronised and women's diving last night- the 2 chinese girls were superb! Precision and grace, only 16 and 17 i believe. They were completely calm and composed thruout. Pity about the men's duo-drama in the pool!

                        They were leading straight for gold, when one of them fouled up his routine and the dive was deemed incomplete- 0 points for the final dive! They dropped to last place!

                        And yesterday I saw one of the best gymnastics display from the Japanese guys-they won the team final btw- back to the glory days of japan in the 70s. Amazing on the high bar! Big releases-even the commentator said he could barely watch.

                        I wait 4 years to go crazy so u must excuse me


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                          I'm familar with badminton so I love to watch it! Strategy must be used in such games.

                          I hope that Susilo will get us a Olympics medal! Even though the MP was just wishing for him to do his best, without any medal in mind, I believe he is really wishing for one, just that better dont say it out. Otherwise, if empty handed, then rather embarrassing.

                          Quite disappointing that table tennis SG has lost to koreans.


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                            hah, I just watched the (200m Butteryfly Men's) swimmers who have won the medals, walking towards exit after they've taken the medals.... along the way, 3 of them will be stopping and putting arms ard one another, posing for others to take pictures! Share their joy! Its nice to see different races, standing happily besides each other in such world situation


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                              Susilo's crashed out.. I didn't watch it but heard it over the radio on Power 98. The DJs were so funny. You know the Ronald Susilo song? LOL.

                              The 200m Freestyle Relay was so exciting to watch! Thorpe couldn't save the team.. but Phelps was really in top form.