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    I'll be going down to Singapore next month to attend my bf's graduation. ... I know many of the cotters here are SIngaporeans so im asking all u wonderful ladies to recommend some nice and affordable hotels in the vicinity of ORCHARD ROAD. Yes. How can i not shop while im there? Im after 3 1/2 to 4 star hotels/apartments. So say... $SGD 80 per night? Thanks girls!

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    try this


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      thanks so much for the website!


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        u r welcome
        best to email individual hotels and ask for rates
        it should be cheaper


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          Or try

          YMCA is not too bad. It may not be in the heart of Orchard Rd but it's within your budget


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            i was also recommended to go to YMCA but im quite afraid it will turn out to be 'dodgy'. What do u reckon? is it more like for backpackers?


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              the Y in singapore is not dodgy at all. definitely not your typical backpacker type of place. think more a 2.5 star hotel type.

              and its location is v convenient too.


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                YWCA is pretty good too and its convenient! Located behind Park Mall, its exclusively for ladies I think. The interior is comfortable as well. Singapore hotels are slightly more expensive if you walk in, compared to a booking from an agent. Also, there are different prices for different passports. So it would be good to compare your passport and your boyfriend's to see which one is cheaper.


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                  Hi fashionholic

                  Try Excelsior Hotel:

                  It's Malaysian owned so they offer a special rate of $75+++ for Malaysian passport holders


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                    hi girl.. for lower end ones.. try HOTEL PHEONIX.. 130+++... HOTEL GRAND CENTRAL (behind meridien) also about 100-130+++.. both in orchard...

                    others nearby but further from orchard road would be STRAND, (beside hotel rendevous) & there's a hotel 81 beside that too!! very near to orchard.

                    cheers :late:


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                      thanks for all the suggestions girls! My bf has picked metropol (sp) Where is it situatED? what is it like?

                      Thanks again


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                        Here's the website for Metropole Hotel where you can find pictures of the place:

                        It's at Seah Street, just opposite the more famous Raffles Hotel

                        Although it's not exactly on Orchard Road, but the location is quite central .. lot of busses to Orchard, so it's quite good for the price!
                        Do enjoy your stay here
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                          OMG!!! I just checked out the website and boy i was so disappointed. the pics looked really eerie...seems like the hotel was built 20 yrs ago! not impressed!

                          Can somebody pls tell me it has recently gone some re-furbishments!!!! plsssss....SOMEBODY!!!!!


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                            Um if you're looking for a newly refurbished yet affordable hotel near that area, why not go for [email protected] Emily?

                            Only $60 nett a night (Internet rate):

                            Have never been there personally but it has received quite a bit of rave in the press recently!


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                              Can your bf still change the booking? Think this Metropole Hotel is pretty old and basic, though location is good. If you can still switch, try taking up this promotion as suggested by 101mynxes. Excelsior underwent a renovation some 2-3 years back, and though off Orchard Rd, is centralised and accessible by buses and MRT. Good value for money.

                              Originally posted by 101mynxes
                              It's Malaysian owned so they offer a special rate of $75+++ for Malaysian passport holders