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    yup. my LC explained that the babies stomach will grow as the milk supply increases, in the early days, the stomach is so tiny that a few mLs of colostrum is enough to fill them up. also because they have enough stores to go without food for 3 days. there will be a slight weight loss due to that but it's normal and no need to be overly concerned.


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      icic... thanks for sharing..!


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        Hi Ginger, if you want to get fenugreek, you can find it at health store nature's farm too.

        GNC runs out of fenugreek very often. Please consult LC for the dosage as on the bottle, it usually says take 1 per day. It is surely not enough for lactation purposes. An LC can help you on how much to take. Usually it is about 6-8 pills per day.

        Hi Priscillia,

        I say thank you on valerie behalf. Going to update her picture!!


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          yup, dosage on bottle is for use as a supplement. for increasing bm supply, must take about 3500mg per day (about 7 capsules). but generally the dosage must be enough to make your pespiration and urine smell like maple syrup! only then it will be effective

          sounds strange, but it did happen to me. I took about 8 capsules per day. quite gross as the capsules are huge!


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            hi mummies,

            I'm 26 weeks preggy and hope to breast-feed after delivery. But, I'm at a loss of what 'homework' I should do beforehand. My mom & sis were both unsuccessful in breast-feeding and I hope I can be successful at it.

            May I know how to clean/ massage/ manage the nipple/ breast to prim them for breast-feeding ?

            I've heard that one should keep oneself clean in that area.. does one need to 'squeeze' out whatever discharge there is when showering (before delivery) ?

            Thanks for your advices in advance.


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              Hi Katrina,

              Congrats on having a baby!! I would suggest you get in touch with your lactation consultant from the hospital first. Meet up with her as early as possible to discuss your plans to breastfeed.

              After you deliver, inform your LC and ask for lessons to latch baby etc as soon as possible. (if you need LC contact from KK, let me know. I know the LCs there pretty well)

              It is normal and to have little milk for the first few months. Don't give up!

              Good Luck! Happy that you are preparing yourself in advance. I was all alone when I gave birth and always think that breastfeeding is as easy as sleeping! Wish somebody have warned me beforehand.


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                hi katrina,

                no need to do homework the secret to success is to presevere. the only reasons why you can't do it is either due to medical problems or you decide you don't want to bf or you give up.

                just remember that bf is based on demand by baby. if baby wants to feed every hour, baby is just stimulating your supply to produce that amount. usually people will mistake that as "my baby is always hungry as she is always nursing, better give her a bottle" if you start giving a bottle of formula before your bm supply is established, your body will respond by thinking that the baby does not need that much and subsequently produce less... the vicious cycle continues and your milk supply decreases, leading people to say "i had no milk"

                it's not easy especially for a first time mum if people around you keep saying that the baby's hungry, or you have no milk etc... very very stressful and not supportive at all.

                the only thing i can think of that you can do is to try to let baby suckle after birth (after the nurses clean him/her up) if the hospital allows.



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                  Crystal, actually I think homework before hand is very important, on top of what you recommend.

                  I even went for classes before I give birth and thought that I was very prepared for breastfeeding. How wrong I was.

                  Breastfeeding turns out to be hell for me with a baby screaming her heads off each time she sees my breasts. And I was stressed that I do not have enough milk. And like what you say, all the nasty and unsupportive comments.

                  After trying to latch breastfeed for 2 months (with lots of tears, sadness, and disappointment) I resorted to exclusive pumping breastmilk for baby.
                  Now I am happy that she is still receiving total breastmilk from me, even after 1 yr. It still breastmilk although not direct from tap!!


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                    hi bashful, actually by homework i meant no need to prepare or prime the breasts like what katrina mentioned.

                    reading up or attending class is definitely helpful. i only started reading the second day at the hospital because was so unsure and the nurses not helpful. my hubby actually went to library to borrow some books on breastfeeding. hehe, i'm a very last minute person.


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                      I am also like u, a last minute person. But I am unlucky one.

                      If I am given a second chance, I think I will prepare myself more. And hopefully I will have better luck. :wow:


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                        Can someone help me on breastfeeding

                        Just give birth to my son 2 weeks ago. Initially the breastfeeding part was ok but after he's admited to hospital due to high level of jaundice. That time was a 3 day stay in hospital thus kind of get used to bottle teats. Now I want to latch him on but he keep on crying. Now my questions is:

                        (1) If i still insist on breatfeed him, continous crying from him will harm his throat And must attempt for how many minutes before giving him the bottle

                        (2) Will start affecting my milk supply As my expressing of milk only 15 minutes for 2 breast always come up with 30ml. Very demoralised for me.



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                          Try continue giving your baby BFM, if baby is used to bottle then i suggest you try to pump out BFM. If he alway cries the same timing then you might want to bring him to the PD, he maybe having colic (stomach wind).


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                            i seriously do not believe in nipple confusion. I think your baby may have wind or other discomfort.


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                              if you have problem with BF, pls consult a lactation nurse, they are life saver!

                              When Rafe was born, he couldn't latch-on, despite how hard I tried. then, when he has jaundice, the hospital recommended lactation nurse (no, they didn't charge me). so, I went to c 1, and she was very helpful. I remember I told her that the that the milk supply was very low, or no milk. but she said that's not possible. milk will only come by 5th day. the problem was that Rafe wasn't latch-on properly. I showed her how he latched. then she taught me the correct position, I tried. there after, I could latch him on !
                              but somehow, when I left the hospital, it's back to square 1. (cos I only went once to the nurse, hence, not enough practise)

                              you can also go to La Leche League meeting ( for help. They are very good and professional, they are the BF expert, and their speakers BF their babies. They even showed me how to latch (they and baby were the model)! which was good, because after that, I could latch Rafe very well.

                              Pls do not give bottle, baby might be and do get confused.
                              for jaundice baby, you can give water just to clear up the bulirubin and hydration), but only through cup and spoon.
                              The way baby suck bottle and breast are different. it's easier if you master the technique of BF, then go to bottle. baby tends to use more muscle BF and less, bottle feed and they tend to be lazy, so they'll choose bottle over BF.

                              The more you latch/express, the more milk you have. you don't have to sit in for 1/2 hr to express, you can express lesser time, but more frequency.

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                                I saw this recipe from the Lifestyle magazine quite sometime back and have noted it down for future reference. It is said to be able to help breastfeeding mother generate milk. Not sure how effective and looking at the ingredients, they are all healthy and even if it doesn't work, its full of nutrition
                                Give it a try and do let me know whether it works!

                                Fruit juice Milk Shake for breastfeeding mum to generate milk:
                                6x strawberry, remove skin
                                1x banana, cut
                                1/2 cup fresh orange juice
                                1/2 cup high calcium milk
                                2 tablespoon 100% honey

                                To do:
                                1) Blend strawberries and banana in the blender.
                                2) Add other ingredients.
                                3) Add ice and its ready to be consumed.