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BreastFeeding but no supply

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    Originally posted by Soxx

    i've tried fenugreek for 3days and it does help to increase the milk supply but i've stopped taking it coz i find that the milk seems to smell weird.Now my milk supply seems to revert back to low. Will fenugreek still work to increase milk supply if i eat it again?
    Hi Soxx,
    Fenugreek will not affect the condition of our BM,
    side effects are on us, we'll smell like curry & our urine will have a maple syrup smell.

    Yup, when your MS is low, try taking 3 caps, 3 times a day & drink 3L of water daily,
    do this for 2-4 days, your MS should return.

    Good Luck!


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      yes yes! i agree with leng leng on that curry smell!! yucks! but it sure helps with the flow!

      most kids will not have reaction when mum take fernugreek.. unless one with weak intestine like my younger child.. but very rare case..

      make sure drink 1 cup of water before and after breastfeed/express.... feed or express regularly to increase flow