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BreastFeeding but no supply

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    Need Help on Getting Breast Pump

    dont know is it ok for me to post this here, :huh: anyway i just try lar

    After do some searching on the breast pump, i think i would like to get a Ameda breast pump, wondering is there anyone can help or advice how to get it.
    The one i wish to have is with the backpack, which i have so far seen it on the US wedsite. Saw some use one on the ebay too, but never buy anything from ebay before so if anyone can help me to purchase the item from ebay will be grateful

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    started a topic BreastFeeding but no supply

    BreastFeeding but no supply

    My parents, my in-laws, my confinement lady etc etc all say "Baby is crying because u don't have enough milk for him / her" Hence, many Mummies think that they don't enough breastmilk to feed their baby but THIS IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE! Almost all mummies have enough milk to feed their baby. Comments on you having not enough milk should be totally ignore.

    As long as your breasts is emptied frequently by nursing or pumping, you body will produce more milk. The brain will automatically receive the signal that milk is fully needed and hence will produce more.

    I would also like to share some tips on increasing milk supply.
    It's nice to have these on hand just in case:

    First drink plenty of water.
    85% breastmilk is water!

    Make sure you eat!
    While you are pumping, you will keep the weight off, I promise! It makes you hungry as a horse and it does that for a reason. You need the extra calories because you are burning so much off!

    Eat REAL oatmeal. (This is simple and works wonder for me!)
    You can eat the quick oats (the ones that cook in 1 minute) or the old fashioned oats (that cook in 5 minutes). You can also make cookies that have oatmeal in them and get oatmeal that way (I prefer this way! Ha!). The way they process the instant oatmeal, it doesn't give you the same results. No one is sure how the oatmeal works but it does!

    Get some rest
    (yeah, I know easier said than done!) If you are exhausted and have the opportunity to take a nap (even if it pushes your pump back) do it! You will actually get more milk that way! Even if you're not sleeping, rest by sitting down a lot. Conserving energy is important.

    Don't stress too much.

    Some suggest drinking beer with, or without alcohol. (U can try barley water too)

    There is a tea called Mothers Milk Tea and it is supposed to increase your supply if you drink it.

    There are herbs like Fenugreek and also prescription medications that will increase your supply if you really need it. I would use these as a last resort but they can be effective and are available!
    *Fenugreek can be purchase from GNC, but you may want to ask ur lactation consultant for dosage advice.*

    Most importantly, good latching / pumping habits will keep your supply up and increase it!"

    Mummies, believe U can breastfeed ur baby! (Don't let silly advices from ill-inform people get in the way)