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    Hi Ariel,

    I won't go no pumping for 4hrs!
    Because I have a low supply, I pump every 2 or 3hrs.
    But if really u have plently of milk for ur baby or a very good freezer slash, then u can choose to pump 4hrs. (Still it is best to pump as frequent as u can for the first 6mths to establish good and stable milk supply)

    I pump in a store room in my office. It would be good if u can speak to somebody who can find you a safe location and u can permantly put ur pump there. It is very hassel and time consuming to move ur pump around everyday. Very likely u will get frustrated.

    And yes, bring ur pump even if u travel. I just brought mine last weekend.

    And u need to watch out for hotel fridge. They are just not cold enough most of the time. I got sooooo worried last weekend that I have to place cups of ice in the fidge every few hrs. (The ice actually melted in 2hrs or so... this show how warm the fridge is!!)

    But still, u should enjoy ur trip!


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      Thanks bashful! There's an empty classroom that I could use but I am worried that the students will come in while I am pumping. Really have to figure out a way of doing it discreetly. Maybe I will do it in the toilet instead...


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        can do a sign or something to hang at the door? can it be lock?
        Or do u have a car? pump in the car?


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          The classroom cannot be locked but I am thinking of doing it during lesson, i.e. I go to the room before the first class ends and the second class begins. I can't do it in the car because it'll be too exposed!


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            hmm.. can't be lock.... :roll:

            Car is an alternative, if you can cover urself well with a shawl when u pump. U can also get hands-free bra so that you don't have to hold the horns while you pump. Then you can do work or read while you pump.
            Can also put on the sun shade while you pump? I would prefer car to toilet as it is cleaner and don't have to carry the pump here and there.

            The choice is yours. First few days at work with pumping schedule can be difficult. But once a routine has been established, it gets really easy.

            I don't wash my pump parts after every pump (toilet and pantry far away and very time-consuming). I just put them into the fridge in my office.

            Good thing u are planning well ahead for a system. It will help you to go a long way!

            Do update on your progress.


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              Hi Moo and Bashful

              My baby is eight days old now and I still can't get her to breastfeed directly. She can latch on properly but can't suck vigorously enough to get the milk flowing and this process often takes too long. I have resorted to exclusive pumping (I am so grateful for this thread). During the first few days, I managed to pump 50-60 ml from one side and now I can pump up to 150 ml from one side. I pump every 3-4 hours, sometimes more frequently but I don't get up at night to pump (there's a gap of about 7-8 hours). My milk supply is increasing nonetheless. I am just wondering. Would my milk supply dry out if I continue on this sort of schedule? I am now able to pump enough (4 times a day) for more than a day's supply.


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                Hi Ariel,

                Congrats on your newborn. Would u please join yahoo group :

                You will get wonderful support from lots of mummies.

                If I were you, I will wake up once to pump at least. When I was at your time, I wake up to pump 2 times per night.

                U never know if your milk supply will drop due to many reasons months down the road.

                Also, I would encourage if u keep try to breastfeed your baby. She / he is still so young. Get and LC to help if you have to. If both of you are successful, it will be so much easier.


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                  good job good job ariel!!! glad you're persisting.

                  i agree with bashful, pls try to wake up at least once or twice during the night to pump, your ss will dip if you don't. otherwise i think you're doing fine!

                  if you intend to do eping, remember to always clear the breast, more is definitely better than less. you can freeze the extra. frozen milk can keep up to 3 months in a freezer at 0 degrees.

                  just post or pm us if you need help.


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                    Thanks bashful and moo!

                    I hope to pump during the night too but am worried that the noise would bother my poor hubby and baby. I will try to pump at least once during the night from now on.

                    I have joined the group too


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                      ya... can understand the noise.

                      U will find a good arrangement I am sure. I pump in the living room at first. Then, I purchase a quieter pump which is more efficient too.

                      Great! I am sure you will get plently of quality advise.

                      Take good care of urself too.


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                        IMO, you dun really need bother abt the noise, newborns can sleep through anything and when they are older, they'll be used to the noise already. with reference to your hubby, a little noise won't hurt him. just pump wherever you're comfortable.

                        heee, bashful, you're much nicer than me, you still bothered to go to the living room. i just made my hubby get used to the noise from the pump.


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                          oh no... my hubby get pissed off by noise easily.
                          Now that I have been pumping for almost 5mths, he still complain about my PIS (if I use it at home).
                          Most of the days when I am using symphony (extremely quiet) he can bear with it.


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                            JMHO.....he should be more supportive of your hard work! its not like the PIS is as loud as a drill or anything....i used the PIS too. its really commendable that your doing eping and he should ensure your comfort is priority. some guys just totally take it for granted, they don't realise what hard work it is. (pls don't be offended yah, just being frank.)


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                              oh.. he is extremely supportive of exclusive pumping.
                              He take over all the feeds when I have to pump and play with dear daughter etc.

                              He just cannot stand noise.


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                                that's good bashful, glad to hear that he's supportive!