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    Ok, now u realise that your baby simple will not / cannot / don't want to latch on!!!! Is that the end of the world? No of course.
    But should u immediately resort to giving infant formula to your baby?
    The answer is probably no.

    There is another option however, and one that doesn't seem to get the support or acknowledgment it deserves - exclusively pumping, also known as "Eping".

    In most cases, a mother who has made the decision to exclusively pump has not done so "lightly". She is aware of the irreplaceable benefits of her milk, and she wants her baby to have the best, so the most logical conclusion for her is to pump and provide her milk to baby by bottle.

    Sadly, many (including health care providers) will tell mom that this is crazy idea, and "it'll never work"; "you'll run out of milk"; or will say"you simply will not be able to keep up". Without the support and information she needs, a mom may simply give up.

    Those who don't give up often are faced with other issues to overcome. They often feel like they are in a class by themselves, excluded from the usual groups of moms who typically form into "support groups" either for breastfeeding mothers, or for formula feeding mothers.

    They may feel they must explain "why" they are "bottle feeding" breastmilk.

    While everyone does agree that there are irreplaceable benefits to nursing baby directly from breast, everyone also must agree that breastmilk itself is irreplaceable. When faced with providing breastmilk, or not, then whenever possible it should be breastmilk regardless of the method of delivery.

    There is no room or need for guilt here - the mother who has done all she can to bf "normally" isn't a failure - she is just doing the best she can in the situation she is in. Mothers who choose to exclusively pump are very dedicated mothers - determined to do the best they can for their precious babies, and they deserve respect and support.

    Copyright from website :

    I am one mummy whom is doing exclusive pumping for my baby.
    Whoever is in the same situation as me, failed to get baby to latch on and would like to Ep, can PM me for advice and tips.
    I would really love to support you.

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    But the milk supply will still dip ultimately if you only express and don't feed direct right?


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      Hi Mango,

      Not true, as long as u keep on pumping with a top-grad breast pump.
      I have been purely pumping for almost 3 months becaue dear daughter simply won't latch on (long and painful process to get her to latch on - and never really happen).

      My milk supply can actually increase if I am hardworking and committed to pumping and providing the best for dear daughter.

      I started to pump 10 ml (for almost 1 mth - v demoralising), now I have 60 ml - 90 ml per pump session.
      I know of women whom eping started low as me, now have 120 ml - 150 ml per pump session!

      I am still working hard on increasing my milk production further.
      Because baby are more efficient than a pump, hence mummies whom are Eping must work double hard.

      But it is possible to feed your baby with expressed milk for as long as 2yrs. Some women has done that!


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        How many times do you need to pump a day minimum to keep the supply intact and constant? Will your method work if using a manual pump? Or only electric ones?


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          How many times? What pump?

          I pump about average 8 times a day now.

          When my baby is a newborn - I pump 12 times a day.

          You should pump at least 20 minutes each session. There is also something call "power pumping", Pump 20 minutes, rest 10 mins, pump 10 mins, rest 10 min, pump 10 mins.
          Do that for a 2-3days, ur milk will increase.
          Normally, the milk will not increase suddenly, but v slowly.
          It is really hardwork and need a lot of patience.

          No, a manuel pump probably won't do a good job if u are full time pumping. I invested in a Medela Pump-In-Style (double pumping) and also rented a hospital grade pump - Medela Symphony.

          Pump-In-Style use in office, Symphony use at home. It is true that I have spend alot of money on pumps, but I feel that no amount of money can buy breastmilk, hence I am willing to do it just to get breastmilk for baby.

          And formula = Artifical food for baby will never be as good as breastmilk even if it is expressed breastmilk.

          Mango, are really consider Eping or just curious?


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            Just to add on, I remeber for the first week after birth, I am using Avent Manuel pump till I really feel like crying.

            Then I loan Medela electric pump from a friend and things improve a bit. Finally, I got a Medela Pump-In-Style, as per my Lactaion consultant advice, I feel so much more relieve.
            Pumping double side just take 20 mins.

            I get more rest / more than with baby rather than just sitting with the stupid machine.


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              Re: How many times? What pump?

              Originally posted by Bashful_1119

              Mango, are really consider Eping or just curious?
              Curious I guess. I'm planning to do my best to latch direct if possible. If cannot then see how it goes.


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                Yup, yeah, get ur baby to latch first.

                If I ever get the chance to do it all over again, I would choose total breast feeding. The moment dear daughter was born, they give her bottle!! Because I opted partial breastfeeding.

                The road has been v v hard since. I always though breastfeeding will happen naturally, and I am very wrong!

                Gal, I suggest u join the yahoo group on [email protected]. There are mummies whom are breastfeeding and pumping or Eping.
                They are made up of women from all over the world.
                The group is extremely informative and u will get a lot of advices u will not get locally.

                I have spoken / met lactation consultants, breastfeeding support groups, surfing websites, but none can be compared to this support group.

                Join to prepare urself.

                Lots of love,
                P.S. R u expecting a girl of boy?


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                  Sorry the website to the group is as follows:


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                    Haha... Alot of BF mums I know are quite holier-than-thou and can be very hard on those who dont share their views, and I get irritated and turned off big time when I come across these people, so I'm staying away from BF-related groups/forums for now (my third-trimester fuse is a little short) But of course, I also know some TBF mummies who are very reasonable and objective people and not like that at all.

                    So far, I've read enough to know the importance of latching on asap immed after delivery, as well as not to introduce bottle teats until 1-2 months later when baby can definitely latch on well already. Anyway, TMC has a couple of really great LCs, if I do need assistance/help/advice, at least I won't be stranded.

                    I'll be having a baby girl!


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                      Good for u!!
                      Good preparation is all that make alots of differences.

                      Actually I do know of those information way before I deliever too.
                      But didn't just know that I have to strictly follow them.
                      And didn't think that they are so v important.

                      I guess I am probably not very extreme, because now I am in a class of my own. Nobody I know is Eping for their baby (except hubby). They will think that I am MAD! haha.

                      But I just like pple to know that this is an option.

                      Mango, all the best and good luck in breastfeeding.
                      Think u will find it a wonderful and rewarding experience.
                      It so nice to know that u can provide for ur little one.


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                        Baby girl? Congrats!
                        What will be her name? Decided?


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                          Just to add on a bit, I have an emergency c-section.
                          Very unprepare for it.

                          5hrs after my major opt, I tried to breastfeed, but failed at dear daughter screaming and fighting. And as it is just after the opt, I am in pain too.

                          Subsquent attempts failed badly too. I offer her breast at every meal time till she is two months. And then I give up, because she is struggling so badly. (I still offer her breast sometimes now just for fun)

                          Maybe my case is a bit extreme also. I hope other mummies will have better experiences than me.


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                            Originally posted by Bashful_1119
                            Baby girl? Congrats!
                            What will be her name? Decided?
                            Kind of. We'll make it known to friends when she's born.


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                              bashful_1119.....great post!

                              just to share.....
                              i also provided my daughter with exclusively expressed breastmilk. she couldn't latch properly and was losing weight cos she couldn't suck effectively....after trying to direct feed for a week, on my LC's and PD's recommendation, i decided to forget about direct feeding and just go with pumping.

                              fortunately i had my medela PIS on standby and i carried on for 7.5 mths, with another 2 mths of frozen expressed breastmilk. i could've gone on longer but i wanted freedom from expressing and to start going on a diet so i stopped.

                              JMHO - its not true about ss dipping if you rely totally on the long as you are committed and not skip pumping sessions and be darn diligent about it. my output per pumping session from both sides was averaging 360 to 400ml.

                              i agree its not the end if you can't feed direct, this is a fabulous alternative. it felt so good to be able to provide the best for my baby.