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    Does anyone knows anywhere that teaches deportment classes for eg, how to eat at fine dinning restaurants, how to get into a car, how to converse in a social event etc. In all, how to carry one self with grace.

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      I attended one such seminar at SHATEC long time ago......they even have a 4 course western dinner at the end of the seminar for you to practise fine dinning etiquette.


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        Mint> How do we get in contact with them?


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          This the website with the contacts :

          It's under the Life Skill Workshop - The Art of Gracious Living.

          I'm not sure if you have to gather more friends to start a class. No harm giving them a call to find out.


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            Thank you girls for your info. Anyone has more to share? Thanks!


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              How about Jill Lowe?

              Sorry i do not have the contacts about this company.
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                Here's the link for Jill Lowe

                She came to my school during my sec3 end of year camp to teach us about social etiquette and whatnots, taught quite a wide range of stuff I think, even though most of us weren't exactly listening (i.e. my friends got overzealous with the makeup that they thought the eyebrow gel was actually mascara and used it as such. By the time Jill Lowe mentioned something about it being an eyebrow gel and not a mascara, my friends had gel all over their eyelashes already )

                but overall generally a good experience, i think.