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    Hi, not sure whether this is the correct forum to post...

    just asking anyone might know in singapore where to get those backdated magazines @ maybe half the price of the retail... ie July 04 Cleo, Female and Her World magazine...

    any information and feedback would be appreciated. TIA

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    Hiya, i think u can try yahoo auction!


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      I do keep all the back-dated magazines. Do lmk which are the ones you need.


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        I also keep some of the past ssue magazines. Let me know which one u looking for


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          past issues of foreign fashion mags

          i know you can get a decent variety of back issues of foriegn fashion mags lik vogue, marie claire, in style etc. at this book store at da 2nd floor of peace centre.


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            I have alot.
            Nearly all the past cleos and local magazines.

            Do state out what u are looking for please.


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              I used to have many backdated issues of those mag you mentioned, and I only sell it at half the price... but I have threw it all away last month when I moved house... so sad...


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                Sidetrack a little.

                To those who keep/collect magazines: How do you store them?


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                  haha! i just leave them on the top of the cupboard and wait 4 them to gather dust. haha! normally will leave them in to store room..


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                    pobell > i have quite a number of past issues of her world from this year.. any particular ones you are looking for?
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                      Originally posted by huili
                      Sidetrack a little.

                      To those who keep/collect magazines: How do you store them?
                      I have 5 of those storage plastic containers /w wheels (bought from Carrefour) under my bed. I kept all my precious mags (juicy Cosmos and jap fashion mags) in them. I also bought those de-humifier sachets (i think the brand is called Pink Hippo or something) from NTUC and put 1 into each container to try to keep the mags dry and prevent mould dew.

                      But my collection has overflowed recently so I have to weed out some old ones by keeping only those useful articles.


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                        I stack up all my old magazines and stock them in my attic


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                          dear cotters, i'm looking for an Aug 07 issue of Timeout Singapore. If any of you or your SO/friends are willing to let go of their copies, please let me know? I'm willing to pay for it..

                          The cover says "The Service Issue"

                          Attached is the cover of the issue i'm looking for

                          Thanks a million!
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                            it's urgent.... can somebody please help?