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  • Rock Climbing

    Anyone into rock climbing?

    Where are you learning and how much does it cost?

    What are the gears (equipment) you need?

    Thank you!!!

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    I just tried this today..went for the Level 1 certification course. (I wasn't really paying attention so I don't really know what qualifications Level 1 gives, but I think it allows you to climb and belay i.e. support, by yourself without instruction?)

    I did the course with NUS so its probably cheaper, etc.
    There are rock gyms open to public at Yishun Safra and Tanjong Pagar, Bukit Merah. The Tanjong Pagar one has aircon which I didn't really think much of at first but you'll be amazed at how HOT it can get in the rock gym and especially after a climb. I had perspiration dripping off my hair and I hardly it was a rainy day!

    Equipment you need (usually school of instruction should provide) - locking carabenas, ATC/figure of 8 (for the belayer i.e. person who supports), rope, harness, rockclimb shoes (shoes with no tracts on the sole and usually has to be 1 size down to firmly grasp your feet. I ended up with swollen toes cos' it was super tight!)..I think that's it.

    Overall, I find rockclimbing is not THAT easy. Quite fun climbing and balancing of weight & you feel accomplished when you manage a climb to the top.

    You need strength and you need to be agile, fast and strategic. Being light apparently helps but I think agility and strength are more important. I was so light that when I was belaying and the climber was falling, even though I pulled hard and squat to weigh myself down, I still kinda flew up, much to everyone's amusement. Everyone lunged for me, not the climber!

    Rockclimbing is quite a bit about using your brain and strategy and I'm not really there today so I was rather slow. Being slow means you are hanging there, thinking of your next step and you tire yourself out ALOT faster hanging there, going to next step and then retracting.
    I also find it a little troublesome cos you have to learn to tie knots, procedures for belaying, etc. (I am really lazy...)

    Still, I hope I managed to pass the test and get the cert!

    Oh, if you are not into sweat and grime, you should pass. I cut my nails before that but still I got lots of grime stuck at the end. And its very hot, was perspiring lots..just not really my kind of sport, I hate getting too hot and sweaty, I prefer watersports!



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      Thank you so much for the info, geekchic.

      You mean you could get the cert, in a day?

      Do you think you used more of your leg muscles or arm? I always thought you need strong arms for this sport.

      And you know what, me too love water sports anytime too.

      And oh yes, did you have to pay for it? Or you are a student at NUS and its free?


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        No problem, naughtygirl.

        Yup, the course was a 1-day thing & its the most basic of the certs so don't think it is that difficult to attain. It is just to ensure you know the safety procedures.
        Yup, it was probably cheaper cos' I went on it with the NUS club. The course itself was around $20.
        If I can, I will ask around for you how much courses outside cost or you can try calling SAFRA Yishun/Tanjong Pagar?

        Supposedly, you are to use more of your leg muscles but most beginners would rely alot on arm strength cos' I guess its just more instinctive to use your arms to cling and grab rather than balancing & pushing off with your legs.
        Hehe, arms rather achy today!


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          I took mine at this place called Climb Adventure (Think i got the name right) located at Keppel Tower. Level One course costed me about 40 over dollars i think. I think it's really fun and a good form of exercise. Other than the course, the place also lets you climb plus loan you the equipment at about $30 for the whole day i think.

          Anyone here know of other places to wall climb? I would love to try out other affordable and nice places


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            I was walking pass the SAF club (whatever its called) next to IKea yesterday and saw a girl doing wall climbing indoors and it looked so tough.

            She has to curl her whole body and still cannot make it up. Plus its not vertical as she also has to climb the ceiling (if you know what I mean).

            I think the vertical sort are definitely easier, huh?

            Do you ladies have fear for heights? Or its like so fun all the way?


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              bf and me are thinking of venturing into rock climbing too. we heard that it can be done at yishun safra. we welcome all recs. thanks ladies.


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                Rock Climbing Anyone?

                just wondering anyone here rock climb or surf and all that? i'm looking for kakis. want to go but not sure where.


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                  hi dear!

                  I used to do rock-climbing. But I stopped going as I've been busy with work and I'm preparing for my wedding and I want to keep my skin and body blemish free! I get knocks pretty often when I do rock-climbing you see. And I prefer to climb outdoor, I love the sun but I don't want to have ugly tan-lines on my body especially since I want to wear a bustier like gown.

                  For a start, you may want to call SAFRA Yishun for courses on rock-climbing. They do have classes for beginners. I do not know the cost of the course.

                  Alternatively, if you like indoor, you can go to ClimbAsia. They conduct courses too. Here's their details: ClimbAsia


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                    Anyone keen to learn sports climbing?

                    thinking of learning at either Climb Adventure ( or Climb Asia (

                    Anyone interested?