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Overseas trip with bf

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  • Overseas trip with bf

    Hi Cotters I just got together with my bf for a month and he suggested a staycation to celebrate vday. But I feel like then it would just mean us sleeping together which would be more of a thing for him than me... So I suggested to go for an overseas trip... He's ok with it and he paid the airtix while I paid the accommodation. About the same amount of money. Now, he keep asking if I booked a double bed or two single beds. Is he really interested in me or just....?

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    It's quite obvious he just wants to have sex with you. For a start, his first suggestion is a staycation which you yourself know if just about you two sleeping together. Then he's so desperate as to ask about the bed for the trip. It's really way too obvious he just wants your body. You've just been together for only a month. This kind of guy is a waste of time.
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