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  • New job?

    Well i'm not sure if you guys have the same experience but i'm just having enough! I'm going to look for a new job!

    i was given false impression that i will be able to learn and both the company and me will benefit from this.
    I was given a pay that WAS suppose to be revise after my 3months confirmation.
    Guess what? My confirmation would only be in 6 months!! Thats what i was told when i finally couldnt take it anymore and ask me boss after 3 and 1/2 months!
    I'm a marketing executive but guess what i'm doing? I've to do administrative stuff, take over an ex sales person's rubbish, meet clients, liase with customers for orders, help the MARKETING COORDINATOR scan quotations when my position is suppose to be higher, clear DESKS of EX employees, data entry, give out newsletters to ALL employees, answer incoming calls like a receptionist, POST MAILS, BINDING............ ALL these and more besides my job scope!

    I'm starting my lessons soon in sept and i WAS told beforehand that this company encourages employees to further their studies!! What a load of crap. The day i was suppose to make payment for my school fees, they MADE me do OT saying its urgent and i shouldnt make an excuse of studying to not set this job as a piority! Ever since i work here, i'm always late for appointments with my friends and bf especially to the movies! There are other staff that are free... BUT they always assume that i'm FREE!!!! i had enough last month and started frequent this forum even though i'm suppose to work! (i dont wish to work my heads off anymore! Nobody appreciates it!) i cant even claim my OT! With the lowest pay among the executives, i've to do loads of crap! Not like i dont have the qualification or experience! Its just that i'm a new staff and fresh graduate so they thought i would be easy to PUSH AROUND!!! :piss: All the staff here are old hence they BULLY you TOO!!!!!! Michelle my new colleague has just quit cos she cant take it anymore!

    What about me? I need to find a job first or i wont be able to help in my school fees at all!!!! I'm always known to be bubbly BUT not anymore!!

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    Sounds familiar. First thing first: how much are you paid? I feel the name of your position or jobscope don't mean nothing when you're not duly rewarded.


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      S$1500... before CPF.... and i heard there's no increment! At MOST $50!!


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        A lot of employers are treating their syaff like that cause they know market is bad.. pay so little yet do so much..

        Ask yourself whether you able to gain any new knowledge from them. If talking to them still dun work, work for another company.. I am sure there are still good emplyers around...

        Dun make job to be a huge part of your life and miss your time with loved ones.. in the long run, you will feel that no matter how good a job is, it cannot be compared to having your loved ones around you..

        All the best to you!!


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          hmmm it is an employer's market now
          sad to say that there is no minimum wage law or anything to protect the employee's welfare.

          the first thing is, do u allowed yourself to be pushed around?
          i used to stay part time as well,however i make sure i finish my things before i go off for classes.
          it is easier said than done but allowing urself to be pushed around doesnt really helped much

          marketing executive as in the position title can mean a lot of different duties.

          in an ideal world, u should be selling or doing promotions of your company' s products/ services.

          more often than not, it is tons of paperwork and lots of communication to be done, filed and organisation work.

          if your expectations dont meet the job position probably time to move on?

          do remember to leave on good terms though


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            Is this your first job?

            If yes, welcome to reality because that's exactly how they treat freshies with no experience. Move on if you think you cannot handle it anymore. I'm sure there are better opportunities for you else where!


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              Second everything that's been contributed here. Especially Elaine's "Welcome to Reality". It's still an employer's market. If you're not a uni grad, they're gonna squeeze you even tighter. It's really up to you how you choose to deal with such a situation. Moving on to another firm may not guarantee similar things won't recurr. Even if you've talked about your terms prior to starting, you'll almost always have to deal with "being pushed around". I suppose when the *requests* become unreasonable then you'll know for certain you're indeed being pushed around. Once again, WELCOME TO REALITY.


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                Nope.... not my first job. It might not have been so bad if your colleagues are okie.... BUT they just practically BULLY them! (I'm not the only one) And they are aunties so you've to respect them. I dont mind giving lots of job but when i have appointments after work, i wish i can leave my work till the next day... but i cant cos they only passed it to me after work i was lied to many times! they told me i wont be given any more job responsibilities anymore cos i really couldnt handle them but they kept adding and adding. I was only suppose to be more focused on the brochure designs, sourcing for potential clients and other marketing tasks but its no longer like this anymore.
                I'm not taught anything nor learn anything only doing those jobs for others. i understand about reality but lying and lying doesnt seem ethical...
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                  Adding on to Elaine's point...How about learning to say 'No'? It helps at times.

                  See your extra workload (those ad-hoc basis) in a more positive manner. It trains you in the long run as in job enrichment / job enlargement. I know no one ever like extra workload (including myself) but looking at things postively would helps heaps. Sometimes, we got to bite the bullet and stay where we are because we need cash to do certain things in life like paying the school fees, monthly bills, etc.

                  Good to hear from you that you are looking for a new job. Hope everything turns up well for you.
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                    goodness. You sound terribly overworked and underpaid. Freshies tend to be bullied - i think it's a norm. But do be wise and be assertive.

                    Maybe you should have a good talk with your boss?


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                      when i first joined my compaany, the same thing happened to me. everything got pushed to my area cos everything happened to be under admin. i talked to my boss, he was sympathetic but couldnt do much

                      only you yourself would be able to assess the situation. is the company culture like that? do you think it would help if you start being more assertive? i got called names when i started being more assertive but i was too fed up to care. only you yourself would know the true situation and you have to decide if there is any point in staying on

                      all the best in your job hunt


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                        Thanks for your advise... My only comfort is shopping.... thats the way to destress.... i guess i'm getting addicted to it too... All my friends are all busy with school, boyfriend, work too.. so we meet like only a few times a month recently.
                        My bf is in the air force and his camp is pretty busy(have to work shifts) so i only meet him on alternate sat and on 2 weekdays... hai.... shopping is my only hope... heehee....

                        Looking for a job but realise its quite difficult at this time.... should i wait for my bonus? i heard i wont be getting the puney one month *it might get "dissected"*...


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                          4 years ago, I was grossly underpaid but I was venturing out into a new field. Ex-boss promised a pay rise after my probation. I worked my a** off for that 3-month period.

                          No raise.

                          I fired him when I was offered another job. That other job came with a 140% pay increase! Economy was bleak then.

                          Do what your heart tells u. But of course, check your daily expenses first before throwing in the towel.


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                            Originally posted by lele
                            Looking for a job but realise its quite difficult at this time.... should i wait for my bonus? i heard i wont be getting the puney one month *it might get "dissected"*...
                            Also, since you mention that looking for a job is particular difficult during this time, then I would advise you to start saving so that you still have some savings to tie you over these 'difficult' times.

                            I have a colleague who likes to ask this kind of question to me on why that particular employee leaves one month earlier before getting the bonus. I replied her if leaving this place makes her happy, then might as well leave. Perhaps, one month of AWS is not that important to her at all. Also, there is no point staying in this place to suffer, etc. Perhaps, she is eager to learn in a new environment. There could be more than one reason why some people leave their organisation before getting the AWS. Most leave the place because they feel not motivated, pay is not attractive and many others.

                            Last but not least, it all boils down to striking a balance between what you need and what you want. I echo Stressed's comment, do what your heart tells.
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                              when i tendered my resignation, a lot of people also asked me why i dont wait a bit longer so i can get my bonus but deep in my heart i know i could take it no longer so i decided there and then to quit

                              there is never a good time to leave your job, but if you truly think its time to move on, then do so