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    I am drafting a email to the Prime Minister Office to request for the 8-12th week of benefits entitlement to be spread out to working mothers who work for less than 6 months in the company.

    For me and my sister - we started working when we are preggies and companies obviously are not giving us any maternity leave benefits. Since the governments are going to pay preggies on their 3rd months. I really hope I can have that bit as well.. Since government is encourage our people to speak up, no harm trying... wish me luck or rather wish all of us mothers and mothers-to-be luck in this case!
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    Good luck to you!

    Keep us posted.


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      Good luck to you! But why do sahms/non-working moms need maternity leave? Leave from what? :huh:


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        oh, i mean to say if government is paying for working mothers the pay on the third month from child birth. Why not not be just any mothers and only the working mothers.. just my own opinion.. since it is a entitlement from government (not employer), why not open up to all mothers (be it sahm etc)

        Government can pay a fixed or average pay for the third month from child birth.. *hopeful* *hopeful*...


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          me for being blur. But what do you mean? How can goverment pay sahm's salary since we're not empolyed by a company? As in sahms get paid for being sahm? Then who will decide how much (since for working mothers' case its according to whatever salary they are drawing from employer)?


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            hmmm... i supposed you read or heard the new Prime Minister's speech.. of cos, working mothers get to be paid on 1st two months of child birth. Now, it is extend to 3 months maternity leave for all working mothers. However, employers are not paying for the 3rd month pay but the government will reimburse that pay. Technically it should be explain tonight which I also do not have any idea yet.:roll:

            But I am hoping to be pay as well since that is a entitlement for first child birth. That $$ will definately come in handy for me..

            As for how much will that be - will leave it to the Government to decide.

            For example: working mothers will be get 3 months of pay during maternity leave of 3 months

            I am hoping SAHM or mothers to be who give birth will only get say 1 month from government reimbursement (amount to be decided by government)..

            hope you are not so blur now.. hehe..
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              Sorry, but I'm completely lost here. Are you proposing that an unpaid, non-working person get paid maternity leave? If so, on what basis would you propose to pay the non-salaried mums? My understanding is that the government wants to encourage mums to join the workforce, not to encourage women to be SAHMs.


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                So you mean it'll be good for goverment to pay SAHMs a month's salary, however much that means to the goverment? W.a.h, that's like giving away free money to sahms LOL!

                Seriously it doesnt sound feasible (if I got you right, I still think I might not have understood you completely) at all, cause then, how much should this amount be? The term "sahm" is so loosely used- some single income families live on 2K a month, some single income families have over 10K or several times over, it'll be too hard in the first place to even determine how much this 'token amount' should be. Plus, Pronuptia is right, the govt is trying to encourage women to work, and not to stay home; So I really doubt they'll do anything to remotely encourage sahms to continue staying home. I believe that is exactly why so many measures are taken to make it easier and more possible for women to have children and still hold fulltime jobs.

                Just my $0.02's.


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                  IMHO, I think acidica meant that the government is encouraging higher birth rates, irregardless its from a working mother or stay at home mum. Hence the benefit should go to sahm too.
                  She has a point there but I think maybe not in a form of maternity salary but maybe like a bonus thing, that would sound more feasible cause like all had mentioned on how much to pay if the government were to pay SAHM for the maternity salary.


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                    Hope I didnt confuse you all.. I guess when I send the email, it is more pertaining to my sister and my own case.

                    Agreed government encourage ladies to go to workforce. Currently me and my sister are working. However, we do not get the 3rd month maternity pay as we worked less than 6 month of employment with company. Legally speaking, we need to work 6 months before we get 2 months PAID maternity leave. We are still going on maternity leave (but it is unpaid for 2 months) but we are hoping (should this policy be effective soon), we can get paid on our third month as well.

                    I was working early this year. But company was not family pro hence I was kinda force to quit my work.

                    As for SAHM, I read in the forum page in papers today - someone was also asking the government for some form of reimbursement as well (not sure if she is self employed or SAHM)

                    Anyway, will try and see any response from them.. keep my finger cross..


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                      Oh in this case, I think the government should maybe pay for those mothers who have worked less than 6 months in the company or maybe come up something else for those.


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                        Thanks pinkdolphi1 for explanation!

                        For mothers to be, regardingles you are SAHM, self-employed - we are contributing to the birth rate - I am hoping to have additional $$ for baby...

                        As for SAHM, self employed - not sure how technically it will be reimburse - depend on Government..
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                          Actually, I think its a little strange for goverment to give "reimbursement" to sahms, I mean, to me, not having to work and being able to stay at home and watch my own children grow- its a privilege, not something to be reimbursed for.

                          But of course, if sahms get some sort of bonuses tax-wise or in any other way, it'll be great (who doesnt welcome having extra money to spend for nothing right?)!
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                            Originally posted by acidica

                            For mothers to be, regardingles you are SAHM, self-employed - we are contributing to the birth rate - I am hoping to have additional $$ for baby...

                            Actually, I think most of us have babies for ourselves and not because govt says so, right? They are already extending the baby bonuses to first and fourth child, so this means we'll all get tax rebate. Not sure how much yet, but its still nice to get something extra for having a baby which we would have had anyway.


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                              Details are out: The measures taken by govt are indeed pretty significant to working mums imo. I was hoping for tax relief for first child, but they did generously offer a total cash bonus of 3K (for first child) which is a nice surprise anyway, esp for first-time MTBs.
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