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  • Challenge anyone?

    Was going over my bank account today and its in a really dire anyone up for a MU Challenge??

    Anyone have any ideas how to go about doing this? I'm thinking of buying LESS makeup... (lol still have to shop)...maybe like a budget or something for the month of sept?

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    I was thinking the other day of a MAKEUP BAN which makes perfect sense.

    While I dont have a big collection, I'm happy with what I have and I realise that I really dont need that extra gloss or that new blush.

    If I was to go on a makeup ban, the first thing I have to do is to STOP reading this forum. A lot of my lemmings are born here.


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      I think I need to cut some cost here. Bank's screaming as well, it never got so hungry before!

      Think I got to stop buying myself "dupes" - duplicates of similar colours which I already own.
      Currently, there hasn't been much lemmings for now, only for skincare which I topped up (major blow to my wallet, I buy a few at one go.)

      I think making out an inventory would be good to start off first and then make out the budget??


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        lol yea i tihnk that would be good! anyway i was thinking of doing it mua style...that means a group of people get together and decide to not buy MU or buy less MU etc...

        I think its easier to stick to it when there are people supporting you! If there are enough people we can also buddy up!

        I'm placing my shopping budget at 80 for the whole month of sept!


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          Sounds good Jean!
          Whats the limitations? Only MU or additional other stuffs too?
          I seriously think we got to help each other!!! Fight off those lemmings!


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            lol. I guess to each their own. I set mine as shopping for the entire month. The idea here is to set a target for yourself to stick to cos only you alone know how much is good for you (and your bank account) lol.


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              I think we need to step back and think about our needs and wants yeah?

              Agree with what Caramel said about not needing that other gloss.
              Definitely got to throw that " I got to have it" scenario!!


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                i am so joining this challenge, just received my credit card bill and i cant even go for yoga this month cos i cant afford my class, shall just practice at home and exercise self discipline

                will resolve not to buy anything at all until my next pay check, which is like one month away


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                  Anyone on for a ban on clothes shopping?

                  I've been buying too much and they're not even basics or staples.


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                    i really admire those ladies who can scrimp and save. Somehow, whatever money in my wallet simply disappear.... *magic*


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                      yeah! Why do I need another lipgloss when I already hardly put on lipgloss daily?! And when it would take me years to finish all that I have now! Why do I need another top when I already have more than I need...and why do I *need* another bag when I have 8! And why do I need another hair accessory when I have enough at home..enough to start a mini-shop.

                      I should lock my ATM card up...and only spend 10 dollars a week!


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                        i dont carry cash in my wallet, i find that i spend unneccessarily if i have notes in my wallet

                        i also keep my spending habits in check...
                        different credit cards for different things

                        food - CC1
                        beauty, skincare and online - CC2
                        misc and emergency - CC3
                        overseas spending for hols - CC4

                        the ideal is not to touch the CC3 as often as i can.


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                          Vivian, you're a hoot! So did you manage to NOT touch CC3?

                          Hello Bree! We're all MAGICians here! Welcome to CC! Please hop over to Babes to intro yourself! We'd like to know you a little


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                            Glossie actually it boils down to discipline
                            hee hee i actually havent been touching my CC3 for months....
                            however xmas is a few months away, so i better make some adjustments to prevent myself from touching CC3!


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                              Yeah~ my money in wallet simply 'disappear' end of the day and I have to always find an ATM machine to withdraw money almost everyday!

                              My method of avoid overspending is to give up something in return. For example, if I really wanna a MAC lipglass very much, i will sacrisfy my other love-by clubbing less often. Altough it doesn't really help me to save money, it helps me to avoid bursting my wallet.