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  • Herbalife (No Advertising, Business Solicitation, Personal Selling!)

    I saw a little of this in the slimming thread, not sure if it's ok for me to start a new thread on this. I noted a few of you have tried this, but I'm trying to fish for more comments on this, coz I' m considering to try this out, how effective is this?

    thanks in advance!

    ok, edited, I decided to buy it and try out instead. lol, too impatient, just ordered online and waiting to rcv my pack. Hopefully can lose some kilos fast. Will update, would also like to hear some feedback from you guys if you've tried it. Thanks!
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    I've heard of this but not sure what it is- is it a MLM (multi-level marketing) product?


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      please let us know how the taste is like and your results okie? all the best!


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        Thanks girls! I'm collecting my stuff tmw, will update again one week later. I'll start eating it tmw.


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          cefindre, may i know which website did you order from? would appreciate if you could describe the taste too! Am thinking of trying, but I don't really like milky drinks



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            hi cefindre thanks so much for your info. My gosh! 51kg? that's my dream weight!!!!!!!


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              Hey I have a few colleagues in my office taking this! It works! I've tried the protein shake before. They have a few flavours like vanilla, chocolate etc.. the taste also depends on what u use to mix with. If u use fruit juices to mix, I think it will taste nicer. You can also use skim milk or soya milk to mix with. That's about all I know. :wish:


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                I ever tried the basic set before, some health supplements and....cant remember already. didnt really work for me, but maintained my weight. Reason: I only used the protein shake once/twice.. and totally gave up.

                couldn't stand the bland taste(took it without adding anything). right now, its resting in the kitchen cupboard for months???

                But im sure that combination that you're getting will work, you will experience slight faintness, but not too bad for me. need some getting used to. my friend lose quite abit of weight just through the basic set + total control


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                  Hi qin07 and cefindre,

                  Any ideas on what this costs?


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                    i cant really remember, supposedly its $160+/- for the basic set(quickstart program), i got mine cheap at $160 for 2 sets instead cos the person wanted to get to sell it out fast. thought it was a pretty good deal :D

                    I sold off one set though...


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                      k, my pack arrived yesterday!

                      Hi qin,
                      agreed, this thing tastes bland! But then, I've managed to play around with it and altered it to my liking, so it tastes quite ok now. I've started on it since yesterday, I took the choc flavour, first intake, I tried mixing it with warm water alone. Tasted yuck. Then second intake, I mixed it with my regular intake of coffee, and it tastes quite alrite actually, coz the coffee overpowers the taste of that shake, plus, I dun add milk to my coffee anyway, so now it sorta tastes like mocha shake or something. Also realised that u must use ur spoon to make sure all the blobs dissolve properly, and the drink is smooth, then it tastes better, if it's still in blobs, it is really gross tasting when u eat the blob bits. So far this seems to be ok, too soon to tell coz it's my first day, but I've stuck to it quite strictly. I'm replacing the shakes for my breakfast and dinner, coz those are the two which I eat in. Lunch at office would be too troublesome to take shake. Total control didn't cause any palpitation so far, anyhow, I will update again if I lose any by next week.
                      i spent about 180 on my pack, I didn't take their basic packages, instead I bought the shake, total control and cell u lose on my own mix and match. These three seem to be the 3 main items for weight loss as read in other forums, so I'm just trying. Can last for quite long I think, the total control can last for 2 mths, cell u lose, I think one mth plus, and the shake, it looks huge to me, it's like the size of an infant milk formula tin like frisolac or something. Looks quite large to me.
                      u must be taller than me that's why 51's ur dream weight! keke okok, admittedly I am just obsessed with losing 3 kgs, I want to be 48 by Wedding day!!!! lol.


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                        hmmm... might be good to take health supplements along with them too


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                          My ex-boss was an avid supporter of Herbalife. I've heard and seen many true life examples of how Herbalife works and don't work for some.

                          I used to concoct different protein shakes with the three flavours they have just out of fun and boredom.

                          It's recommended that you use low-sugar soy milk since you want to lose weight/maintain weight.

                          I do not like to use the shaker that comes with the shake. Instead, I use a blender (is that what you call? Those blender that you see at Coffee Bean). It makes the shake smoother to drink.

                          You can try blending real fruits with the vanilla-flavour shake. I swear the shake taste better. I even add in a lil' ice to make it ice-blended.

                          Chocolate flavour taste best when mixed with soy bean milk.

                          It was Tropical flavour the last time when I 'messed' around with Herbalife. I guess they don't have this flavour anymore ya? Anyway, if they still have this, Tropical fruit flavour taste best when mixed with banana and some ice

                          However...I will say that as with all dieting, it takes determination to follow through what you start.

                          Not too sure if it's the 'cocktails' I made, my bowels are different whenever I drink their shakes.


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                            k, updating.
                            It's been one week since I started on herbalife, to be honest, I dun think anything's happening. I'm not gaining weight, and I'm not really losing any either. Maybe it's becoz to begin with I'm not fat? So weight loss doesn't show as fast? I don't know, or is it that I'm not starving myself enough? Am abit disappointed coz up till now, not even half a kilo shed. I haven't snacked to be honest. I've really stuck to my 2 shakes replacement and 1 main meal sometimes soupy, sometimes chicken cutlet western food. I kinda think it's okay to eat one proper normal size meal size I've totally abstained from my snacking habits. So it's really disappointing that I'm not losing weight, not even a tiny half kilo. argh! Will continue for another week or till this shake finishes, hopefully by then, I would have at least a half kilo loss to talk about. Alternatively, I might try to replace my lunch and dinner totally with shakes, the ultimate diet I guess, since I've never been one to eat breakfasts, so that'll be like almost eating nothing everyday.
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                              I have about half a can of the vanilla milkshake & half a bottle of cellulose tablets left....anyone interested in trying out can pm me (giving out free). I just don't want it to go to waste even though it didn't work for me.