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  • Originally posted by zhumeigal View Post
    recent started on herbalife, took herbalife for breakfast and dinner with one proper lunch but kept getting very hungry during the afternoon and night time. Wonder how do you guys cope with the hunger? I been eating 2, 3 servings of fruits after lunch time to cope w the hunger. Drinking all the shakes makes me crave for real food even more, had to really control my hunger pangs
    Hi zhumeigal,

    I believe you are taking just the F1 only? If yes, usually it is recommended to add in the F3 protein powder; as this protein powder helps you curb the hunger.

    But is it also about getting used to it as you just got started. This is pretty normal for a beginner. But nevertheless, pls remember to drink 8 glasses of water!



    • hello may i know where can i get herbalife at? and can anyone pls show me which product did you all take for weight loss? i am gaining so much weight recently. and how much is herbalife? thanks alot =)


      • Makeup_Lover:

        Herbalife can only be obtained through its Distributors. So if you want Herbalife products, find a reliable distributor who can also double up as your Personal Weight Management Coach.

        For Weight Loss, the basic products to take are the Shakes, Tea & Aloe. Sometimes people add a bit more supplements for targetted area - like arms, thighs, etc.

        The price for Herbalife's products are very transparent. Should you want to know their pricing system, do get from their office at Triple One Somerset, or ask me for a copy.

        Hoped this can provide a Fair Pricing Solution to everyone who needs to improve their health without being cheated.


        • Hi All ,

          I have tried Herbal Life but it does not work for me . Instead I listened to my friend and went to Yang & Yap Clinic to do health screening and got good health supplements from Dr Yap (female doctor)

          Check out under 'biz & service finder ' or
          to get to know more medically proven supplements and healthchecks .
          They also have new laser services if you want to jumpstart your skin and look years younger .

          I feel much better and energetic rather than literally starve and drink 'soups' to lose weight - we are suppose to enjoy our food !

          Best Regards ,


          • Conned into Herbal Life

            Hi Sparkling Water ,

            FYI , I was conned into Herbal Life - the representative claimed it to be a new and enterprising business and then keep pushing the products to me - just like MLM .

            I have no qualms to file complaint but dun want to waste my time , I decided not to pursue .

            Originally posted by SparklingWater View Post
            I thought this is a no-brainer Herbalife thread?

            I truly believe that the person who created this thread is doing a lot of us a big favour.

            Firstly, ignorant consumers cannot blame that they will get cheated by this Herbalife company. If they are anything that we dislike about it, we can voice it out here.

            Secondly, it is also for some distributors to come and see what do people need most in addressing health issues. Plus, offering advises or tips to those who need it.

            Don't you think such posts can help us consumers to be a better informed consumer, tangtang???


            • hi there babyhippo1211:

              How were you conned? I mean...
              a) Did someone force you to pay money to them on the spot?
              b) the pricing matter is unfair?

              It is MLM. It is not a new entreprise though. Thing is, MLM is like another business model. MLM PEOPLE are the ones who will either give the industry a good or bad name.

              So you must be careful. I am sure the one who sold the products to you did not build a good relationship in the first place?

              Just a note of caution: Herbalife's shakes can help people to Lose Weight, Gain Weight & Maintain Weight.
              Same products - different results. Because it is just nutrition supplements.
              How it works depend on how much you balance normal meals with shakes.

              Thank you babyhippo1211 for your sharing. I am sure many readers value honest opinion more than any other made-up advertising stuff.


              • ****advertising is not allowed****


                • ****advertising is not allowed****


                  • hi crystalz..

                    are u still around. would like to find out more about herbal life and ur coach.. drop me an email at [email protected]


                    • Hi Zhumeigal,

                      Did you take the F1 with F3? The protein powder definately curb hunger more effectively. Would suggest that you take the shake for breakfast & lunch and have a normal dinner meal with ur carbo intake halved. For fruits, depends on what fruits you take. Less hunger pangs in the morning. And also remember to drink loads of water.


                      • interested in HBL. pls pm me as well. thanks.


                        • bought my 1st products with HBL. - nutritional shake mix choco flavour and herbal tea concentrate. i must say that the latter tastes really quite disgusting but i have to bear with it. i've not tried the shake yet, will try later ! hopefully results will be good! :D

                          thinking if i should get the total control and cellulite pills too.

                          i did not sign up for the distributorship though, because i wanna try out first and dont wanna tie myself down. if it's really effective, i'll consider joining but not interested to distribute.


                          • hi there
                            hv u tried herbal life products?


                            • hey shooting star, how did it go so far for yr HBL? any results??


                              • The hbl stuffs made me heaty. I had flu and sore throat after that. Idk why but I do drink lots of water by nature. I don't think I can sustain drinking the shake everyday. I'm like forcing myself to drink it down and makes me wanna vomit. I'm taking the choco flavour though. ):

                                I'm still waiting for my aloe vera drink from another cotter who bought it through her friend. It's for detox.

                                I bought another detox tea from Guardian for 13plus for 30 sachets and the effect was overwhelming.