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    Hiro..I cannot find any thread on this topic..Thus i have started a new thread for this topic...

    I am thinking of planning a trip to Japan and I was thinking of going to Hokkaido (Sapporo and Otaru)..

    Just wondering any of you have been to these 2 places? is it a nice place? How far is Otaru from Sapporo?


  • #2 Went there in April this year. Trip included both Sapporo and Otaru. Didn't recall the two places are very far from each other. Sorry, I'm a little bad at judging distances.

    I actually preferred Otaru. So many small little shops to look around. The place is famous for music boxes.
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    • #3 was the trip??

      i wana go to the music box museum!!! you know how much is 1 music box there??so excited..

      u went there on tour group or free and easy?? other then the music boz are there any interesting places to go in otaru??



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        It was still snowing in early April. Nice. I went there with a tour group (comprising only of my other colleagues )

        Average price of a music box cost between $30 to $50. Of course it is not those that are elaborately crafted. Have fun trying to decide which tune you like. My friend spent more than 45 minutes just to pick one.

        Music box is THE thing in Otaru. Besides the museum, every other shop is selling that too. If you are into glassware, there is this small factory where you can learn how to make a cup or saucer.

        Btw, my favorite shop is this snack shop. Must try these.

        If you like beard papa, this is even better. .


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          LUUURVE Otaru alot!! I went last dec while the snow was around 4~5inch thick only and everywhere was a romantic white with lovely quaint cottage-like shops. And the sound of music box tunes were tinkling everywhere... gosh, so beautiful.

          And Hakodate is very very gorgeous too!! More places to visit than Otaru.


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            Thanks dimples for sharing the photos of the yummy food...

            its making me to drool...

            I thought the music box would be very very expensive...but its quite reasonable price.

            It would make a good christmas present ...

            Can we bring our own cd to the music box museum and the person there can specially customise for us?? I assume it would be much more expensive...

            Did you go to the land of totoro??I saw pictures of it..its so cute..



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              twinstar, I'm not sure if you can bring a CD for customisation. Wouldn't it at least take days?

              I didn't go to land of totoro. Not enough time.


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                i have seen a taiwan variety show that shows the taiwan girl band S.H.E. They went to the box museum and they customise a music box for them using their own song.

                Maybe they are stars so got special priviledge ..

                Hmm... now still thinking whether to go hokkaido... :roll:


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                  Can anyone recommend a cheap and safe hotel in Sapporo??



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                    Hokaido, Japan

                    Hi All!

                    Anyone been to Hokaido, Japan? What's the best time to go & places of interest?

                    Yday i saw on TV where they hv those fishing INN where tourist can stay & eat there. (Very homzy style).

                    Please Please share??



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                      It probably depends on what you want to do. If you are interested in skiing, it's the best time to go now. In summer, you can probably visit the lavender farms.


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                        Hi gals,

                        Do you know how much does a person roughly need for a trip to Hokkaido? How much did you all spend there? Thanks!


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                          I was in Hokkaido in Dec. It was absolutely beautiful 'cos it was snowing everyday- we toured around Sapporo, Osaka and the little towns of Hokkaido.

                          I did a tour group thing with my family - it was one of their special itineraries where instead of the usual choco/music box factories, they brought us to see the Japanese cranes (dan ding herr), the Hokkaido sea angel, hot spring hotels every night, seafood markets where uni (sea urchins) go for super cheap rates. the tour cost between 2-3k. Expenditure was way higher 'cos sis and I were busy stocking up on everything Japanese! heh

                          we decided on going with a tour group (instead of free and easy) cos we figured it was gonna be difficult speaking japanese in the coutnryside + it was difficult getting aroudn the countryside with just public transport.

                          If in Hokkaido, dont forget to check out the famous hot springs, the famous local chocos (bai zhi lian ren - the white choco version) and the various hello kitty toys which they carry. Apparently each state carries different coloured kitties. Eg: Hokkaido's kitty is purple because of the lavender farms and another state (cant rem) makes green kitties.


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                            Nothing much to add, but try not to go to Hokkaido in winter. We went in early winter last time, and were snowed in at the airport waiting for the flights to takeoff. Luckily we were only delayed for a few hours. Would have been disastrous if we lost our hotel room at Osaka if we didn't get to check in on time. Hokkaido is just not the place to go in winter. Summer is the best.


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                              Hokkaido DIY

                              Has anyone been to Hokkaido on your own, not following tour groups ?

                              I will be doing this in September for 4 days only. Any advise from anyone on where to go, where to stay ?