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  • Dosai Dosai Dosai

    Got hooked ever since my friend who went India for a trip introduced me to this.

    Been eating at Dosai corner at little India.

    Anyone else has other recommendations for Dosai/Dosa thats good and not expensive?

    I tried the canteen at airport, its a far cry from the Dosai Corner at little india.

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    i like komola's!! used to frequent them when i was in primary school, with my dad and brother..

    i miss eating there!


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      Originally posted by Glossie
      Is it at Tekka?

      I quite like the stall opposite my block (468 North Bridge Road). They do apoms too.
      Yeah Its opposite Tekka Market!

      Wendee: the Komala's dosais are good? maybe i should try them sometime


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        cheap and good! ive never tried others so i dunno, my fren is always mentioning 1 at little india but i dunno which..

        i cant find any1 to eat with me! haha ..and i have to'll stain my braces


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          Where's Komala? I can't remember where the outlet is... :huh:

          I love naans (the huge ones at Little India- everywhere else is puny naan) and thosai (is that different from dosai?)


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            yep komala villa's for me too! love their dosai! they have one at little india, close to tekka mall....can't recall the address but if you just walk along serangoon road you should see it.


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              hi mel. thosai and dosai are the same yummy stuff.

              komala used to be the bomb when it comes to dosais but apprently the standard has dipped. when i was little, my family used to go over to eat. the queues used to be horrendously long.

              i've taken a liking to nann and chicken tikka.


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                Yes, I like komala as well....been there recently. There is one outlet along the stretch of shophouses just opposite tekka market. If you girls know where is rupini (mentioned in the threading service thread), komala is just a few shops away.

                The masala dosai is $1.80 only! I always feel very full when I finish that


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                  Hmm now I definitely want to eat thosai for lunch. Called hubby he said there's Komala at City Hall MRT area the Penisula Plaza? Still there? Anyone can confirm? :huh: :preggie:


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                    Saravana Bhavan! It's at Belilos Lane near the Hindu temple, kind of diagonally opposite from Komala Vilas. Cheap and good Don't waste your money on the "fast food" Komala at Peninsular Plaza!


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                      Originally posted by nywoe
                      Don't waste your money on the "fast food" Komala at Peninsular Plaza!
                      Too late, *burp* hehe. Was good enough, maybe non-peak hour- serving abit big even for my double appetite though :preggie: :huh:


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                        Originally posted by michannat
                        i've taken a liking to nann and chicken tikka.
                        Hi Mich! Me too! I love the stall in Scotts Picnic and Chutney Cafe.


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                          Err...what is dosai and tikka? How do they taste like? I'm not into indian food, so sorry if my questions sound a little daft.


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                            Mango, there's tandoori chicken (too). Read this for the difference between tandoori chicken and chicken tikka.

                            Dosai or thosai is another type of pancake. Found this perfect link which mentions of Tekka and Little India:


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                              Thanks alot Glossie! Think I'm gonna try out Dosai this weekend!