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Gastric Pain vs Flu??

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  • Gastric Pain vs Flu??

    This is getting to be quite the "in" term of the year:

    Gastric Flu

    I have been experiencing constipation, bloatedness in tummy, nauseous feelings and tummy aches in the lower right hand side of tummy. There were several times in a month when I could not eat my meals due to these nauseous feelings and after having meals, I would have "gases" in my tummy circulating around.

    Is there anyone else facing such problems? The last straw was after having tummy ache in the lower right hand side of my tummy last night. MY SO feared its appendicitis.

    I went to the doctor twice about this problem. He concluded its gastric flu. However, what exactly is that? And what are the factors that arouse this? I asked him that.....he checked my ears instead :huh: What has my ears got to do with my tummy problems? After that I decide to give up, probably hes just useless.

    Decided to get a second opinion tomorrow....I do not think its due to gastric, as my last attack was 3 years back and since then, none has returned

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    I may be wrong, but use bleach to disinfect your home toilet bowl to avoid passing to family members.

    Long time since I got it, but my mum always gets it, and then I get infected even though we don't eat the same meals- so we suspect the toilet bowl.


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      You mean its contagious?


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        I don't think its contagious. Hubby had it before but I'm absolutely fine. Its nothing serious but it just take a while for one to recover from it.


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          Any idea about the origins behind it? Got to ask my doctor tomorrow :note:


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            My hubby didn't have nauseous feelings but he did experience the rest.

            If I remember correctly, it was stress related plus eating the "wrong" stuff" eg things that are difficult to digest, coconut stuff like curry. A healthy lifestyle and diet will help alot.


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              That is my guessings as well.

              Anyway, I have gone to see a Chinese physician for that. It seems to be stress related and my personal view is that I seem to get these symptoms when I eat too much for my dinner the previous night


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                Hope you are feeling better.

                Your second point, it could be you went to bed with a heavy stomach. Food not completely digested. My hubby used to have very late dinner.

                Try to have dinner earlier or eat less for dinner if you are taking it late.


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                  if it's persistant, i don't think it's gastric flu as viruses will subside and so you shouldn't be feeling the symptoms anymore once they're gone. i guess the GP is just diagnosing you on the symptoms so he isn't wrong, maybe you just forgot to tell him it's been persistant for a long time?

                  i'm not a doc but it sounds more like indigestion to me


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                    Thanks girls for sharing your views

                    Initially, I thought its indigestion as well. However, the problem still stuck on even when I stopped taking heavy meals at night.

                    The doctor I went to knew my problem had been persistent for some time, as he even commented that I saw him before 2 months about the same problem.

                    The problem is that this is an on-off issue. It can last for 2 days and rest of the week, I will be fine. It will come back and haunt me the following week


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                      agree with bluebubble that it might be indigestion!

                      thought having gastric flu would mean having vomitting or diarrhea continuously.. accompanied by feeling nauseous and weakness in the limbs? :huh: at least that was what i experienced when i had it..

                      my friend said it is contagious though.. a bit blur now..


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                        Yup, think I have such problem on and off too. But little on the nausea side. Just feeling full and alot of wind and occasion stomach cramp below (although not time of the month). I have consulted a doctor before and he even suggested that I go for a scan just in case. Anyway, dont think I wanna do it cos by scanning would mean to insert some foreign gadgets right through your mouth or from the backside. Sounds scaring ya.

                        So what I am rectifying now is to drink fybogel daily after meals. Think it helps to calm the cramps in the stomach and aids in digestion and constipation, perhaps you may like to try it out first.


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                          i'm currently experiencing this. had this since early nov till now and seen a specialist but prob still persisted. this is my 3rd attack...
                          anyway, just to share abit of the history,

                          1st attack
                          occurred in oct yr 2004
                          had flu and cough before that. a week or so after the flu, felt super uneasy in the stomach.
                          symtoms: nausea, severe loss of appetitem heartburn, vomitting right after the meal, shoulder aches, belching
                          underwent endoscopy
                          specialist prescribed some medications to decrease the acid in the stomach.
                          diagnosis: reflux (GERD) and excessive stomach acid

                          2nd attack
                          occurred in sept 2005
                          almost similar symtoms
                          was on ON and OFF mode... sometimes good sometimes bad. after having salmon sushi, felt super bad and from that day on, did not recover until a visit to a specialist in Mount E
                          diagnosis: helico-bacter bacteria infection
                          taken a kind of medicine which is super expensive but able to recover fast

                          3rd attack
                          early nov 2006 until now
                          also had flu and cough. occurred 1 week after the flu medication
                          this attack is worse than the previous 2 attacks. that explains until now i still had not recovered yet. taken medicine as in 2nd attack but still did not recover.
                          underwent endoscopy again but specialist found nothing wrong. blood test all normal
                          tomorrow going to visit doc again. will see what he say..

                          food to avoid if experiencing such problems:
                          assam, sour, spicy and acidic food.
                          pls do not consume fruit juice. it is better to take a whole fruit and make sure the fruits is not acidic...
                          do not bend ur body. if need to, pls squat down, esp after meals.


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                            Norovirus Gastroenteritis also known as Gastric Flu or stomach flu.

                            The symptoms usually include nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhoea, abdominal pain since it is infection in the intestines. Some people might even have fever, muscle ache or feel very tired.

                            Generally, if medication is given, it can go away within few days. But of course people down with gastric flu will need to stay away from crowd because it is contagious.

                            You can pass the virus through direct contact, sharing of food and also surfaces that have been contaminated by the virus. (So yes, toilet bowl can be contagious too.) So even if one is down with this a few times in a year is not surprise, because you might got the virus from someone who's infected. But remember you need to replace your body with loads of water!


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                              and to add on to Huan, I think coffee also cannot drink