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  • American style sushi

    Hello gals...have not been in town for Indo there have been sprouting these new fusion sushi that serve american style volcano,spider roll,dragonfly etc etc.. they are basically cooked sushi.. extremely yummy.. any recommendation on where to eat them... tried sushi tei the other day... they are nice but v limited range and expensive tho any cheaper yet yummy??In indo they r mostly small sushi restaurants I miss them!!!!

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    Can't really help you here. I always go to Sushi Tei cos I like it and it's near my house. Maybe you can try checking out the Japanese food thread for recommendations?

    Btw, what are volcano,spider roll,dragonfly roll made of? Sounds interesing!


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      I dont think there's any sushi restuarant here that serves volcano, spider roll and the likes of it, which I love.

      I guess I would not consider Sushi Tei to be cheap. The other chain thats slightly cheaper would be Sakae Sushi.

      There's Sento for the more Jap style sushi.

      Might want to try your luck at the stretch behind Orchard Plaza, saw a couple small Japanese restuarants there.


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        Like momopeach, i prefer Sushi Tei too, especially at Paragon and Holland Village. They are definately not as cheap compared to Sakae Sushi but i have nothing but rants for Sakae Sushi especially the one at Heeren Shop. The waitress dropped one of my tempuras from my set but didn't want to replace my whole set. Instead, she treated it as nothing had happened and walked away. My friend's food came after a long wait but was not what we ordered. The ambience in Sakae has nothing to rave about too. I know there are many customers and they might be too busy and mistakes occurred but i cannot tolerate such service. It totally spoilt my entire dinner. :piss:


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          Sushi Tei has Dragon Roll on its menu. I remember seeing it the last time i was there.

          What exactly is a dragon/volcano/spider roll ?


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            Spider roll sounds to me like a soft shell crab handroll?


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              Hehehhehe..m getting every1 intersted wth those weird names sushi volcano is sushi filled wth... err cant really remember, i think its cooked salmon or prawn and they fried the sushi and cut it into pieces and stacked them like a volcano wth sauce as the lava.They have the tempura inside the sushi too(err cant remmeber the name)... its v interesting how they use different cooked ingredients to make the sushi... i have tasted sushi that is rolled wth thin layer of cucumber at the outside and cooked salmon inside...ooohhh, its so nice or cooked salmon wth roe and outside is raw salmon wth mayo sauce...oh well, i guess ts only sushi tei has catch on the trend


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                my memory might be failing me, but i thought i remembered nooch having spider roll.. not too sure though..


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                  I remember liking volcano the best but can't remember whats the ingredients haha.

                  The sushi prices here are pretty exhorbitant for the quality & service you get imo, so I seldom eat here.


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                    spider roll is soft shell crab temaki if im not wrong! i love it! especially the one at sushi ondo at meridien...its a sushi branch of genki!!