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How do you know when you are in love with someone?

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  • How do you know when you are in love with someone?

    Hello cotties

    How do you know if you are in love with someone? i am able to tell if i am NOT in love with someone, like i dread it when his number appears when my hp rings, i never have time to meet him, always talk about his love life, how he should find someone ... other than me. i think i am so caught up in elminating men from my life that i dont think i get it anymore. please dont tell me i will know when it happens (chemistry and gut feel). are there concrete signs to it?


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    contributing my share! :note:

    how do i know when i was in love:

    i hold on to my handphone the whole time hoping he would call, but i didnt call him.

    i hold on to my handphone the whole time & get excited, sooo excited when the sms tone rings.... but if it wasnt from him, i got disappointed.

    i hold on to my handphone the whole time struggling not to call or sms him BUT hoping his would come 1st.

    i spend time doing my own things but deep down always wondering if he ever thought about me.

    i try not to meet up with anyone on the belief that he may call & ask me out anytime

    i toss & change sooo many outfits hoping not to show any flaws like lovehandles, flabs.. etc...

    hahahaha.. sounds like falling in love all over again!!

    cheers :wish:


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      What a mushy thread! Pardon my mushiness then.

      I think if you have to ask yourself "do I love him?", chances are that you don't really. When you're truly in love with a person, you'll just know without a doubt that you do.

      For me, he will bring out the best and worst in me, capable of making me cry and laugh the hardest I've ever and will ever. He'll be the first person I want to share all good and bad news with. I'll want to be a better person for him and I'll want to bring out the best in him. I'll want to bare my heart and soul to him and be loved anyway. I'll cherish and love myself and my life more for him. I'll want to be the first one to know about everything that goes on in his life. When he is sad, my heart bleeds; When he is happy, my heart soars beyond the skies. When he does silly things that I'll normally roll my eyes at if anyone else does it, I laugh and giggle and think he's so cute. I'll rather be hurt than to have him being hurt. I'll be willing to sacrifice for him in many ways I'll never for anyone else. Lastly, if I can have any man in the world to give me his heart, soul and riches, I'll still pick him. This is how I know I definitely love a man.


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        Re: Re: How do you know when you are in love with someone?

        Originally posted by Glossie
        Karina - but how can you not know it? Your guts and pheromones have taken a long vacation?
        Me too think its not possible NOT to know.

        Its highly possible that you are in denial and feel that it bear such a huge implication when you suddenly realised that you have special feelings for a special someone.

        My hubby likes me (in a special way) from day one but I was like hey, I only like you as a friend. And when I realised I started to like him (more than just a friend), I was in some kind of denial for a while. You will know when you like someone, its just whether you want to believe it.

        And in my opinion, love is very abstract and unique to each couple there shouldn't be any standard concrete sign. But again, I am a die hard romantic.

        The moment, I knew I like my man was the time, he gave me a star necklace. It wasn't wrapped or anything. He just stuffed it into my hands when our friends were not watching one special night when we went for movie. It was a special moment we shared and I was hooked for life.


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          I really agree with what mango has said

          I know it is love when im willing to do anything or everything that is within my power just to make him smile. When i know that he is the person whom i want to grow old with, whom i really want to have children with.


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            me too i second what mango says too

            when i first got together with SO, i wasnt sure that he was the one for me, i was just taking the attitude that we should try it out and see what happens. he is the one i call first when i'm happy or sad. when he holds my hand, i go all tingly inside i think he's cute no matter what and though i roll my eyes all the time at him, he is still the only person i want to be with


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              when you wake up in the middle of the night...
              open your eyes...
              and that someone comes to your mind...
              and then, unconsciously, you smile at that thought...

              and you bring that smile back to sleep again...


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                I know the fire in my marriage is still burning when I get this warm feeling when I meet him.

                But then again, sometimes I really feel like strangling him. But that's another story altogether.


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                  I realised I hadn't been in love for a long time Shame on tAbBiE


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                    dont know?
                    errr go with the flow?

                    actually self denial i agree!
                    when i started having tingly feelings for my SO, i denied it, "no no, just a friend"

                    actually i always think we dont have to think too much about it, just go with the flow, if not u will kill urself thinking abt it ..


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                      Stressed, you are funny but thats should be the way for all beautiful relationship. There will be the good time and the not so good but we stick around and love each other more and more.

                      And natnatviv, thats really cool. Some things don't have to think too hard.

                      And tAbBiE, may that special someone find his way to you!!!!


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                        ooohh.. just thought of something to share...

                        how about... when (as nat mentioned) we are all in self-denial & .."just a friend".. BUT our own little evil self yearn to learn of news regarding him, about him, involving him, linking, connecting & whatever words you can find in your little dictionary that means.... ABOUT him.. u get jealous if u knew he is talking to someone else but not you, you get more jealous when you learn that he went out today with another gf in the group but not you... you feel so much emotions about him - anger, disappointment, jealousy, irritation, happiness, bliss, butterflies in the stomach, emotion roller-coaster!!!!!!!

                        sooooo... questions to KARINA (like everyone else's)... how can you not know????


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                          hmmm i dont think we are all in self-denial ( i didnt say that, smokey)
                          at least for myself i was

                          i think probably is to sort yourself out before landing a conclusion, "hey i like this bloke"

                          u will be surprised at how other pple's comments will affect you
                          if u like a bloke, "hey go out for coffee?" if he doesnt reciprocate(SP), then move on

                          no use sitting there thinking about it, katrina
                          life is too short to be thinking all the time


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                            Hmm.... but how do we know whether it is THE REAL THING or a serious infactuation? :huh:

                            Sorry I'm a novice to this love thingy. :


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                              ok, i am sort-of in denial .... i recognise the signs - tinge of jealousy, waiting for the phone to ring, not making plans in case he calls and asks me out... sure that i agree... the looking forward to hearing from and seeing him etc.

                              how is that love? possessive by nature, infactuation, loneliness ... how about all those feelings... and not love?

                              my problem, i figured out after reading all your postings is probably the one where i love myself more than anyone else. has it got to do with the one where i have been hurt before and is afraid to love another. YES. often, i get very hung up on his negative traits .. like unambitious, incompetent, sloppy etc. i know i am not perfect but at least i try to change whenever i can!
                              am i judging? YES. am i egoistic? YES. am i cautious? YES.

                              i wish it was as simple as me in denial, then coming out to say 'I LOVE YOU".