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  • What can I teach?

    Ladies, please throw me some ideas. I'm really at a dead end now. I need urgent help. I have a presentation coming up and i have totally NO idea what to present.

    It's like this... It's an assignment given to test our presentation skills. All of us are given around 10 minutes to teach the class anything. With visual aids etc etc etc... and i have not come up with a topic yet. Please ladies, just throw me ANY ideas so that at least I'll be inspired. Some people are teaching a language, teaching the class how to fold hearts from straws etc.. bascially anything as long as its something the audience can participate in. Any ideas ladies? Just throw it at me!

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    This might sound a bit daft, but a while back I had to do a group presentation on stress management and relaxation techniques . I think the class really enjoyed it and we got a A grade for it

    You could discuss some the techniques available and say why it's important and beneficial. I'd just say focus on an area that you're interested in.

    We found articles on massage techniques that you can do in the workplace and got a couple of volunteers to demonstrate. We even got a few people to do a couple of yoga poses and made the class do meditation for a few minutes in the dark

    When it comes to visuals, you could bring in all sorts of things...stress toys, aromatherapy, wooden back massagers.

    Anyway, I hope that helps! Good luck with it!


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      How about a grooming class? show the class how to dress properly and behave properly when they go for interviews and such....I'm sure you can find lots of information to help guide you on the Internet...

      As for visual aids, you could get a guy or a girl to volunteer to dress sloppily and another to dress smartly, and show how obvious that the smartly dressed one would be preferred over the sloppily dressed one!


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        I like Fantasia's idea. It should be fun and interesting!

        But fuchsia's suggestion also gave me another idea, that is job interview techniques. What to do and what not to do during an interview and how to get that dream job etc. And get the audiences to role play and the other audiences to point out what was done right and what was not.

        All the best!


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          Thank you so much.. That triggered some inspiration!


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            No sure if this is helpful .. but here's my $0.02 worth ..

            I would suggest simple hand sign langauage .. U can either get information from the net or via library ..

            U can "teach" simple signs, like "Good Morning", so its easy for you to teach and easy for them to pick up : )