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Any good partner for Workout /Dance / Sports?

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  • Any good partner for Workout /Dance / Sports?

    I am restless, i need a sport! I need to exercise! But most of all, a partner to spur me on, encourage me, for exercises / workouts/ sport.

    Haha. I may sound desperate here, but i am genuinely looking for a good activity mate with common goal to lose flab, tone up and have fun.

    Am keen in many types of activities.

    Such as:

    1. Dance classes (salsa etc)
    2. Roller Blade (learning)
    3. Gym (Nv been to one)
    4. Water Sports

    etc. etc..

    Give me a Buzzy PM. Or email me @ [email protected] if u're keen. I gotta get my engines going. lol

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    I am joining Tango Class (Beginner) soon....17 Sep....and held by SHM (near Clarke Quey). Interested??? $140 for 4 lessons (each 2 hrs).


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      Hi fornight, thanks for the offer, but tango's not the right thing for me. I'm more interested in salsa
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        Hit the gym with me?? Hee. I'm dying to lose all those fats...the abs fats really difficult..FOREVER there!!


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          whr do u normally go, mesmerise?

          Hee, i have jus started on my jog-and-burn-fats regime!


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            Someone did posted a website where you can seek activity partners in Singapore, in one of the threads.

            For now, and the life of me, I can't recall any.


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              darling, i think the webbie is: