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Positions of Ring Pillow & Pen

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  • Positions of Ring Pillow & Pen

    as above!

    Also, I'm thinking if its ok to us normal pen.. is that ok? or would the JP provide it? (i'm doing my solemnisation outside of ROM)

    nice to have those pen holder.. but also think it really kind of a waste to buy it just for that few minutes of display!

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    There aren't really any rules for this sort of thing -- it's entirely up to you, whatever you're comfortable with!

    Instead of a normal pen or a pen in a fancy holder, maybe you could just use/borrow a nice fountain pen?


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      Hi, I don't think a pen holder is necessary but a nice pen may be a good idea. At least when you take pictures, it will be picture perfect (instead of shooting some pilot ball point pen)

      Ring pillows can be troublesome, still have to untie the ribbons etc. Sometimes putting the rings in their original box is good enough.


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        Thanks for all your advice!