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  • Bad job agencies

    Gosh we people are offering a part of our salary to the job agency who gets us the job, so technically we are their clients too, it's not as if they are the employer.

    What a bad experience I had today.

    I went for another interview with an agency (S*cces*h*, in P*r**** Centre) . Stupid agent there .
    I didn?t like
    -being talked down to,
    -them calling me up for my interview every 5 min up when I was a little late,
    -not accepting my reasons that my handphone cannot receive in the MRT,
    -charging 10 cents for photostating IC,
    -and gossiping about the other people they have matched jobs to,
    -not liking the way that I did my resume with the relevant job experience on top (they want it to be chronological order)
    and generally their very unprofessional attitude. They were so urgent asking me to come down for interview when at the end of the day, they lost the job to another agency.

    U girls had any bad experience with any job agency before?

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    My friend went down for interview, and the agency confirmed her that she got a job with Ayura cosmetics (some roadshow). She was told to go down for training at Orchard everyday for one week before she can start work. She was not paid for the training, and my friend spent her time, effort and money to travel down all the way to orchard everyday for that long hrs training. She doesn't mind at first, thinking the pay from her job will cover all that expenses but what makes matter worst was after that tiring one week, the agency called her again to tell her that she was not one of those who got the job !!! And they did not even bother to apologised and insist that anyway, my friend had benefited from the FREE training !! :piss:
    She has spent her time and effort for nothing, and even turn down another job offer during that time because she thought that the roadshow job which the agency got her is already confirmed.

    And she's damn PISSED till now and never believed in agencies anymore.


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      haha sherise...that agency u mentioned is well-known for its 10-cents charge for photocopying I/C....i went down before and took up one assignment from them....and i agree they are unprofessional in some the timesheet...they will give each of us 2 pieces and "teach us to fill it up"..after which they will tell u to keep the other copy for photostating in case the timesheet's not enough...i mean arent they suppose to provide us with excess timesheets?? my last time agency even mail me the timesheets when i called up to say i have run out of them...ahahah...


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        there are alot of job agencies out there nowadays that don't require you to pay part of your salary just so they can help you find jobs. Do try out those instead.


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          like which agencies ?
          almost all i come across requires us to pay part of their salary to them


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            I got my previous job from a job agency, who did nothing, except to get a part of my basic salary every month. That would mean, I do not have to pay for anything, but I am getting less than what I should be getting


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              you mean you girls don't know? there are soooo many job agencies out there that don't require that.

              eg. Kelly Services, The Recruit Room, Recruit Express...



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                actually zhi, these services remove part of your salary its just you don't really know about it.

                I went for one similar to kelly, and they (admin officer at my work place) told me that my salary was actually 7/hr but the agency took a dollar off every hour I worked so it became 6/hr.

                Yep, I don't think there's something as a free job agency...


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                  Actually the fees should be paid by the company, and the amount they quote you should be what you are getting ( or CPF deducted from that )


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                    i think most companies pay a fixed rate to the recruiter and they take care of the contracts and administraion for the temp staff

                    the place which i used to work for charge x amount of dollars to the client for x amount of hrs worked
                    in return, they paid "market rates" to their contractors/ temp staff under their care.

                    hth :D


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                      any good job agencies to recommend?


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                        my current job is from an agency. Not those job agency but those talent agency. Events rather. Quite good..but i find that things are rather strict. I dislike the signing contract part. argh.


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                          not sure if this is the correct thread to post this.. hmm..

                          but personally have a bad bad experience with a certain tuition agency (tuition**! :piss:

                          i agreed to the terms and conditions stated on the website whereby it stated that the agency will take 50% of the first month charges and for the rest of the months, the student will pay DIRECT to the tutor.. (the normal way a tuition agency functions)

                          took up an assignment where the website stated it's $X per hour. before i went for the assignment, the agency called me up saying that the rate is $(X-2) per hour and i was like thinking: ok since i'm earning a bit extra.. however, the in charge said something like the student may have a friend joining her, so the charges are tentatively fixed at $(X+7) per hour. and i agreed.

                          but when i went for the tuition, the student's friend couldn't turn up as she has something on and she stays quite far away. anyway i just went on with the tuition with one student.. and came the first month, the student paid me the amount so i can give the 50% to the agency.

                          however during the second month, the agency called me up and said they'll be mailing out a cheque for my payment and they'll collect the money from the student. that means the payment will still be going through the agency. i was a bit dubious about it so i messaged the in charge asking about the payment. she say i'll be getting the amount in full. however the amount she said was less than what the student is paying. and she came up with something like the student wanted to pay lesser and they bargained for me. DUH!

                          but when i went for tuition the next day, the student gave me an amount which is more than what the agency is paying me. so i called them up and asked why is that so. and they told me it's some service charge that is gonna be applicable for as long as the assignment is on! what on earth is happening?!

                          rechecked the website's terms and conditions and found nothing has changed.. so why am i getting less?! all these while the agency did not explicitly tell me the exact fees i'm getting due to the change in number of students from 2 to 1. emailed them and they replied saying that nothing has changed for the terms and condition except they'll be getting less commission for the first month. and the agency called me u saying i'm receiving the full amount (as in $(X-2)) and i'm not getting $X cause the service charge is a fix amount the student is paying to the agency. ARGH! and it's a new term they've added to the terms and conditions (but they have not updated the website yet). but i mean i registered myself before the change in rules. is it not unfair for me and others like me? and the agency said: we do not want to go into the disclaimer which states that they can change the terms and conditions as and when they like. :piss::piss::piss::piss::piss::piss::piss::piss:

                          no matter how they put it, i still wouldn't get the full amount.


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                            ISn't that CHeaTing???
                            How can that agency do that, felt so unfair for you.
                            Anyway i think i know which agency u referred to. Actually, not all agencies are registered and therefore won't go by their terms and condition. They can change anytime they want to and i don think we can do anything as well.


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                              ArieS: i don't know if that's cheating.. just felt so super pissed at them.. anyway, i let my friend know about them and told them not to take up assignments from there.. for my own case.. i can just stop teaching if they continue to irritate me. it's like they're sitting there doing nothing and they get the money every month.. IT IS SOOOOO UNFAIR!!!