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  • Drawing/Pencil Sketching Classes

    Hi cotters,

    does anyone know of classes that teaches drawing / pencil sketches? I've asked around but it seem CCs only have those meant for kiddies.

    I really need someone to coach me.


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    Hey girl check out NAFA and La Salle I'm sure they'll have such classes. Or an alternative is to read art books, I found these very helpful to learn about perspective and proportion. Lastly its probably the practice that will help you most of all. Practice on everything and anything just take the time to sit down and sketch and I'm pretty sure you'll improve and get the hang of it!

    Remember the great masters/artists were all self taught!


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      Try checking out classified ads on ST. I've seen some private art schools or individuals advertising such courses before, eg pencil/charcoal sketching, water colouring, oil painting etc for adults. Prob what you're looking for.


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        Perhaps you could check out their website for more details?


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          You can check out art schools in SG. I do know that Nafa conducts such lessons periodically. Maybe you can check with their student administration side.


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            Visit NAFA at for part time enrichment short classes in 2006.


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              want to learn online or offline? if you want to learn online there are many sites which help you to learn all these things. you will get all tips and information about this online.


              how to draw


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                i borrow books and stuffs...also used to have an interest group and critique each other's drawing to help each other out.

                I also post my stuffs online for people to critique my stuffs. classes and courses only help u in the foundation (which can be easily picked up on your own)...but personal artistic style and flair have to disccover yourself..cant be taught..

                I find self taught more fun and more room for creativity.