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  • Paediatricians

    Mums-to-be, who are you planning to engage as your paed? What are you basing your choice on?

    Mummies out there, who is your child's paed? Why did you choose him/her?

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    Since i don't have one in mind yet, i'll be getting the one that my gynea recommends.


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      Dr Ong Eng Keow of the Singapore Baby & Child Clinic at TMC.
      Kind, informative and supports bfg. BUT he is pro-vac, so that might be a minus point for some mums.

      Another paed that my friends like is Tan Siew Pin, at Olive Tree Baby & Kids Clinic (Forum I think). Respects non-vac mums.


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        What is pro-vac? :huh:


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          Originally posted by momopeach
          What is pro-vac? :huh:
          I *think* it means vaccination.


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            Thanks Chris. But isn't pro-vac a good thing? I'm confused


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              Hi Davis!

              Some moms prefer not to vac their kids for various reasons - the introduction of virus into a young baby, the links between autism & vacs, for example. So these mothers prefer a paed who's open to no vacs.


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                Oooh I see. Thanks for enlightening.


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                  i went with the PD my gynae recommended, we thought we'd try him out, if we weren't comfortable with him then we'd switch.

                  well, that thought was totally unnecesary, he's friendly, fantastic with babies and pro breastfeeding. the only down-side is that he's so popular, there's always a long queue at his clinic.

                  i really appreciate the time he takes to explain stuff to us, how he never hurries any consultation and how he will patiently answer all my queries over the phone. i know i can call him for the littlest questions and still get an answer for it (although i may not get him when i call but he will definitely call me back). he jabs so gently that my lauren has not cried at any of her vaccinations (yet).

                  his details are :
                  Dr Terence Tan
                  Kinder Clinic (Mt Alvernia)
                  Tel : 6478 5925


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                    I also had a colleague who recommended Olive Tree at Forum. I will bring my girl there when she's due for her one month vac shot.

                    I had a "default" PD at Gleneagles when I delivered, and went there few times for follow up check up. The clinic was at the medical centre and it was super crowded. Since I'm getting quite tired of visiting Gleneagles so many times, and the PD that attended to my girl at birth strikes me as so-so, I'll be trying out Olive Tree soon.


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                      Hey Moo, I go to Kinder Clinic too, except I go to the one at Orchard Paragon. My baby's PD is Dr Vansanthi. She is so friendly, and she always always takes time to explain everything cleary to the sometimes very blur me. lol. And you could totally tell that she absolutely loves kids and her job. She is like the friendiest doctor ever! And my daughter hasn't cried at all whenever she goes for her jabs. Not sure is she is being a good brave girl, or if the Doc is good.


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                        Originally posted by makeupmag
                        Some moms prefer not to vac their kids for various reasons
                        I'm terribly impressed that S'pore has non-pro-vac pediatricians!

                        Is she the only one? And will the kids run into problems when they go to school and the School Health Service comes into schools to vaccinate them?


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                          such a coincidence momopeach. i think lots of babies are seeing kinder clinic's PDs. dr vansanthi sounds good.....i think when dealing with babies and their parents, patience and being personable is critical.


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                            baby's paediatrician

                            i would like to start a list of recommended paediatricians here but not too sure how...

                            well, here's my tried ones and those recommended by friends..

                            Dr Terence Tan from Mt Alvernia
                            (Kinder clinic)
                            Good, friendly, chatty and detailed but super long queue at clinic

                            Dr Rhonda Watt
                            (kinder clinic Siglap centre)
                            Very nice and polite lady. gives A LOT of infor on bb care...patient

                            Dr Ho Chin Seng
                            (Australia Clinic Upper thomson Road)
                            Old and very experienced. effective doc and knows exactly what he's doing. good with kids. No need appointment and open everyday
                            talks very little


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                              my daughter is seeing dr terence tan. we love him! but i'd have to agree with the super long queue at his clinic.