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Foods - declare to customs?

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  • Foods - declare to customs?

    Need some help here... moderators, if there's a similar thread please help me remove this ya? Thanks! (I've yet to find any similar threads here.)

    - I'm going over to Wales (UK) for studies.. wondering if dried food such as maggie mee and chilli flakes would be confiscated? :roll:

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not sure about UK, but I am guilty of not declaring the maggi mee and spices when I go over to Germany this year. If they ever ask, I will just tell them its candies. =) Think small amount is ok, as long as you don't look as if you are importing them into the country. Maggi mee is a must. The favour keeps you connect to home. My boyfriend sent me some instant noodles, Bak Hwa, food spices using those courier services. Though its stated that they are banned, the food stuffs still managed to arrive in one piece, without anyone missing. =)

    Good lucK!


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      U don't have to declare anything. We bought so many foodstuff (sauces, chilli sauce, bak gwa etc) for my bf and we'll be packing them into his luggage tomorrow, he's flying back to Newcastle, UK on the same day. He's only allowed 20kg this time. Lucky he only got 9 more months to be there. *Phew*

      Don't forget to get yourself other essentials. Clothes, winterwear are cheap there if u r not fussy, save yourself some space for others. Electrical items are EX there. I even mailed him thumbdrives, webcam and ink cartridges and pirated softwares. HTH!


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        Originally posted by missbean
        My boyfriend sent me some instant noodles, Bak Hwa, food spices using those courier services.

        Courier? goona be pricey, how are the items declared as ?

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          My bf didnt declare the bak hwa. The rest, he declared as dried food packages. Some countries will charge you taxes accordingly to the amount you declare. So, its better to declare lesser. I was charged as taxes for 10% of the total amount my bf declared in the invoice. My bf paid SGD$160 for the courier.

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            Originally posted by CaramelGirl
            U don't have to declare anything. We bought so many foodstuff (sauces, chilli sauce, bak gwa etc) for my bf
            Yes yes, do remember to bring your fav brand chilli sauce. Though they might have Asian store, well, they may not stock your fav brand. I brought soya sauce, spices (bak ku teh), chilli sauce, and most importantly, rice cooker. I miss rice so much! Rice is available at the Asian store. Its too heavy to put into your luggage.

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              Maggie mee is okay. No problem. Not sure about chilli flakes though.

              mint_infused, you going to Cardiff?


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                Thanks gals for sharing!

                Hope i'm able to get through with my mee and chilli!! Those are my HGs!!
                Missbean & CaramelGirl> Thanks for the reminder and advice!
                Dimples> Yup, going off to Cardiff on Thursday if i'm able to collect my visa on thursday itself (last minute application of visa as i was short of document from the college).

                Praying hard...

                And will miss CC lots and lots!!! Don't think i would be able to subscribe to the pricy internet accounts over there...

                By the way, the electric pin on the walls would be the same as s'pore's right? No need converters?


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                  mint_infused, I'm in the UK right now and no, you don't need converters. I'm assuming though that the system is the same in Wales as it is in England where I am.

                  As for food, there are plenty of shops in London's Chinatown where you can get Maggi mee and things like Lingam's chilli sauce Maybe you could stop over there to stock up before proceeding to Cardiff?

                  PS. I see that the visa people gave you the same sort of trouble they gave me


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                    Nywoe, sounds great news! However, i'm be travelling directly to Cardiff from Amsterdam airport.. so seems i have to give London chinatown a miss at the moment... but shall definitely check out the chinatown near my area.

                    P/S : My application was only accepted on my 3rd visit! They are very strict in their documents.. prob due to terrorism attacks everywhere.. Worse still, the lack of document was n't my fault. Gave them a another dovument as substition, they will reject.

                    However, just collected my Visa today! One day earlier than the given date!