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Paying postage handling fees to spree starters

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  • Paying postage handling fees to spree starters

    Hi, recently I am involved in several sprees. I am always grateful to the girlies who started these sprees as it really does involved alot of work getting things done and making sure everything is well for everyone who participate in the spree.

    I also realised that whenever I opted for postage when the items arrived, I just pay for the postage as quoted by the Singapore Post and thats it. But, I am thinking, maybe we should pay more to these spree starters as they have to pay for our envies and also go through the trouble to visit the Post Office.

    Don't you think we should pay them a nominal fee for eg. handling fee for sending our items to us? Or this has already been the norm?

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    I will usually offer to pay the price of the envelopes but some cotters have been kind enough to decline. We have really wonderful people here on board! In some cases, I've paid them extra even if they insists no & vice versa. Sometimes, it's all give and take.

    When I do CPs & such, I don't usually make cotters pay for "S&H". Especially if the postage materials I use are not store bought - ie: envelopes or boxes that I am recycling.

    But having said that, please, cotters who are doing sprees, do let us know if we should pay extra... sometimes people don't realise using new envelopes /materials for postage can costs up to $2 extra. Or taking public transport to the PO can cost too ...


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      Hmm.. interesting thread. Thanks for starting this Naughtygirl.

      For my case, with reference to the ELF spree, i bought BN envelopes to pack in the items. And yes! I need to cart them to the PO several times, cos payment came in on different timing. I post out those who have paid up for postage. And carting the BIG loot to town during meetup. And also lotsa time needed to group and sort out the items according to individual order.

      I think I'm those non-calculative, easy-going sort of person. It's my way of giving back to this forum. Having participated in so many other sprees, I thought it's long time for me to start one myself. My mom's not very understanding though. She asked if I made any $ out of it. When I told her no, she said "you got nothing better to do is it? so much free time ah? do charity work, why don't you help with my household chores?" Oh well, what can i say? So told her it's will be the last time....

      Really it's not easy esp when the spree is a HUGE one. I don't think paying extras to spree starter as a token of appreciation is necessary. Well, just make sure to pay up promptly, check thread regularly for any updates , try to reduce any unnecessary changes to order will be more than enough to help the spree starter.

      :shout: Btw, I still got 1 package for Ms Dreamz for the ELF spree, she has since MIA. Any friends of her, do inform her to check on this forum.


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        Well... i think is alright to pay the cost of whatever the spree organiser is mailing u... I dont prefer to mail stuffs off, take times to pack, and risk of lost mail, if not got to queue in PO to register it....

        Vel, my bf said the same thing as your mom! We always have nothing better to do ya cos this is the best thing to do already


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          Wow, this is really thoughtful of spree participants and generous of spree organisers, taking the trouble to go few times to POST office..

          I have to say I'm a lot lazier......


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            Well, I'm in a midst of a spree too. I thought for a loooooong time before starting one, given that I'm a working mother of 2!! Because I wanted the items so much and the fact that I will not be able to finish the entire product... MAC pigment, it's wiser to share it with others. Out of willingness, I started a spree.

            If anyone would like to show their appreciation... I wouldn't mind few more MUA tokens... since I hardly swap nowadays!!


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              Well, i've never participated in any spree until i organise one of my own..

              Didn't realise the amount of coordination work required!

              Thumbs up for all the organisers!

              Want more VS stuff, refrain from over spending the last round and totally regret, else I wouldn't be thinking of organising another one..


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                I have taken part in several sprees and organised a few myself.
                My take on this is that if you are a calculative person then don't organise a spree. If one wants to organise a spree then one must be prepared to go into lengths to post or meet up with the spreers.
                I don't think organisers ought to be paid as this takes the fun away from organising. But if spreer requests for things to be sent out and envelopes and extra things need to be bought before the stuffs can be sent out, then the organiser has a right to bill and the spreer should pay accordingly.

                But one thing has been bothering me. The exchange rate is usually pegged at 1.75. Do organisers need to refund spreers the amount in excess? So far the sprees that I have taken part in have no refunds. Thus, for my own sprees, I did not make a refund to cotters as well. The amount is small ranging from a few cents to maybe $2 at most. I am wondering what is the norm for this?


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                  Hi Dozalot,

                  For the sprees that I did I usually recalculate the amts from the exchange as reflected by my banks statement So that the exact is charged whatever refunds or excess that needs to be collected I do it in the 2nd payment for shipping via vpost etc hths!


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                    I do make refunds for the excess exchange rate. The amount is usually not big but can offset the shipping, so it makes it "seem" like you are not paying too much if you understand my meaning.

                    I collect a little extra at first, offset the shipping and collect the second payment which would be a very small amount, and that makes the total costs seem "lesser". It's a silly psychological thing.


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                      LOL echonym I do that too! It makes shipping seem cheaper and me happier!


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                        US$1 = S$1.75 is only a rough gauge that we use as exchange rate for easy collection of monies before the spree organiser place the order with the online merchant. Something like a deposit first. For me, after receiving my cc statement, i will inform everyone the actual exchange rate, any excess is used to offset the shipping charges in the 2nd collection. Similarly, any top-up is added to the shipping.

                        I am honest to inform everyone the actual exchange rate and i would expect everyone to do the same.

                        What really turns me off is some spree organiser didn't even bother to inform in her spree what is the actual exchange rate that the bank is charging. To them, 1.75 is the never-changing rate. :piss:
                        Also, some just post the amount to be paid by each person, no explanation or whatsoever how the amt is derived. So, who knows the rest may be covering for what the spree organiser is ordering for herself?

                        I'm really put off by this attitude. Now i'm pretty selective in joining any spree. Call me a cheapo, but money is hard-earned. Spree should be made as transparent as possible.


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                          thanks for clearing that up!

                          caramelgirl, so sorry... I know u took part in my spree but I never tell you about the actuall exchange rate.
                          I was just following what happened to the sprees I took part in...I took part in at least 4 sprees b4 I organised one myself and have been participating in many far...only the most recent one did a post of excess payment and refunds unfortunately...
                          Its been bothering me ...thats why I asked.
                          I will try to make a refund soon! please bear with me.


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                            Dozalot, don't be mistaken, I'm not referring to anyone here.
                            Seriously, i'm not using this thread to flare up on anyone.

                            Just like to bring my point across that spree should be as transparent as possible, since u bring up the exchange rate thingie.


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                              I know I know, its ok...Its what I want to find out really.

                              its good that you said what u did...but then again...all spree-ers participate at their own risks....its really up to the organisers really esp if it is not stated on their first spree post then spree-ers( me included) shouldnt expect a refund I guess.