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  • Sponsors for big-scale event

    my club is working on a nation wide singing competition - talentquest, and we need as many sponsors as possible. any recommodations?

    it'll be best if your company is willing to be this event's sponsor.

    on a sidenote, those who love to sing can join this competition.
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    Usually I'd say NAC but I heard they can't afford to give a lot this year.

    The usual suspects:
    Lee Foundation
    Singapore Pools

    Economy's picking up so you'll prob have some luck with the corporate sponsors

    Good luck!


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        National Arts Council


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          Are you doing marketing girl?

          Anyway for sponsorship, do some research on the companies whom you feel might benefit from sponsoring this event you're planning. Then approach them, meet up and tell them what you can offer through your event. If they see the benefits, they will want to invest. It's really up to you how you 'sell' it dear. I don't think posting here will invite any sponsors though

          Possible sponsors for a talent quest, you can look at makeover studios, photography studios, hair salons, fashion outlets. These are the most common. Of course you can also look for the ones who're willing to sponsor prizes like food outlets, shopping centres and so on...good luck!


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            You try getting your company's suppliers (e.g. IT products) to sponsor. Since you're their corporate client they have no reason the decline.


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              me? i'm still a student. organising this together with my fact club

              anyway thanks for all the reply
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