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  • Roti Boy

    Hear that this delicious snack has reached our shores and can be found at China Square area.

    Does anyone know where exactly at China Square can I buy this and is it really yummy? Thanks.

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    It's next to Hans @ 1st floor

    You know their main outlet is @ JB City Square


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      To add on, its at China Square Food Centre. You can find the map here . Just follow the wonderful coffee aroma and the super loooooooooong queue!

      How does it taste? Well, its great when you eat it piping hot, but when its cold, its flat and unappetising.


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        Thanks, ladies. Will try it out one of the days.

        My friend who was raving about this after some supplier gave her this for tea-break. This better be yummy.


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          hi, can check

          it's selling at $1.20 per piece but $1.10 for purchase of 2 or more...and to eat when it's still hot.


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            Is there any filling inside the Roti Boy? :huh:


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              ladies, actually i find the rotiboy... not very nice. too oily cos if the butter inside and the coffee smell is quite overwhelming till it seems artificial.

              Actually rotiboy is a mexico bun, which is not something new. I prefer the regular mexico bun, sold at the bakery of isetan scotts? Nice...


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                love this one! though abit oily...but smells like coffee, taste heavenly...bit salty...bit sweet. very lingering taste


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                  I am a new Rotiboy fan. Just tried it at JB's City Square, RM1.50 only!


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                    hello! i just LOVVEEE the roti boy!!! the first time i smelt the buttery smell and when i tried the crunchy bread and the soft buttery content, i was hooked. now everytime i go back to kl i have to get it. and its all over the place too! cant wait to try the SG one! hee!


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                      my co often buys them for us...haha...lucky lucky


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                        Huh? :huh: I went to the branch at City Square and the bread is the same as what we can get from other bakeries eh. What did I miss?


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                          its definately different from the other breads...mmm...maybe u want to try the manin branch at chinasquare?


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                            Hey ladies,

                            I've finally tried the Roti boy today!! Boi, am i impressed? It's even better than i thought. At first bite, I thought nothing much abt it, but as i venture more, it becomes more addictive. The edges of the bun is very crunchy like crackers. And the bun is really soft. There's no filling inside, but there's a layer of melted cream/butter inside. It reminds me a little of Ya Kun butter toast, maybe due to the butter and the crispiness.

                            It got me hooked after trying one. I like this more than Beard papa or the cheesesticks. But still can't beat my fav egg tarts. LoL!

                            But this is definitely not for those on a strict diet. Cos this sinful bun is really oily, i think due to the melted cream/butter inside. Just eating 1 already filled me up. *slurpe*
                            But nevermind cos i'm going gym later to burn it all off!

                            Verdict: Die Die must try!!!

                            Price: $1.20 for 1, $1.10 for 2pcs and more

                            Operating hours:
                            Mon-Fri 8am - 9pm
                            Sat: 8am - 5pm
                            Closed on Sun and PH.

                            P/S: How come I go City Sq so many times, I never see Roti boy there?


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                              The Roti Boy at City Square is tucked away in a warren of new little shops -- reminds me of The Heeren -- had to really explore before stumbling upon it.