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    got the following information from TSA.

    the Travel Security Administration conducts checks on travellers luggage. TSA luggage screeners have tools that enable them to open these locks without damaging it when a physical inspection is required.

    Currently, Travel Sentry Certified Locks are the only locks that are TSA-recognised.

    The list of Travel Sentry Certified Locks is as below:

    Brand Name:

    * Aegis Brands Travel Sentry locks
    * American Tourister Accessories
    * Atlantic Luggage
    * Austin House Travel Essentials
    * Briggs & Riley Luggage
    * Brinks Travel Sentry locks
    * Brookstone Easy Check
    * Delsey Luggage
    * Eagle Creek Travel Safe
    * EasyGo
    * eBags Travel Sentry locks
    * Franzus Travel Smart
    * Kenneth Cole Luggage
    * Lewis N Clark Travel Sentry locks
    * Magellan's Travel Sentry locks
    * Master Lock Travel Sentry locks
    * Pacsafe by Outpac Travel Sentry locks
    * Prestolock SearchAlert
    * Restoration Hardware Travel Sentry locks
    * Royal Traveller by Samsonite Accessories
    * Samsonite Accessories
    * Samsonite Luggage
    * Sharper Image Travel Sentry locks
    * Sunco Luggage
    * Target Embark Travel Sentry locks
    * Tumi Luggage
    * Voltage Valet Travel Sentry locks

    Some of the locks listed above are specific brands. Other names on the lists are manufacturers that produce a wide variety of locks, only some of which are accepted and recognised by TSA. Please check the packaging to ensure that it has language similar to "accepted and recognised" by TSA if you plan on using the lock for air travel.

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    argh. my LOJEL luggage isn't on the list.


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      Not sure whether this is true or not because we been travelling quite a lot for the past months and they don't seem to do anything to my lugguge, I brought 2 Samsonite and an Elle. The Elle one is still fine.


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        don't worry ashlee. the checks are quite random. i've not had mine checked so far. apparently, if your bag was "selected" for checking, they would paste a sticker on your bag to say that it was opened up and checked.
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          Heh I realise just they wouldn't have time to open every lugguge !! Duh! Haha.